Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Why Use Social Media For Business (Benefits of Social Media)
Get started with social media marketing

Since an estimated 2.65 billion people were using social media worldwide a number projected to increase to almost 3.1 billion in 2021. Social network penetration is constantly increasing worldwide. This number of people using social media in the world makes the benefits of social media marketing businesses enormous.

A starting point for getting your business involved in social media marketing is simply getting a social media page or profile for your business on sites like Facebook and Twitter and building your audience.
You can build your audience organically or use other ways to boost your audience.
The beauty of social media marketing is that you do not need huge followers or fans to start. In fact, you can target the entire subscribers of your social networking site.
Your only limitations is your budget and the proportion of the subscribers that will be interested on what you are marketing.
Increase your Brand Awareness
With billions now using social media, the platform creates a huge opportunity for businesses to put their brand in front of more people.
By giving you control to target your marketing to the most appropriate audience, social media marketing ensures you build your brand awareness with the most relevant audience. This will improve your conversion rate.

Increase your Conversion Rate

Because social media enables you target your marketing to the best fit audience, conversion rate is bound to be better.
Another characteristics of social media that bodes well for your conversion rate is that it helps you build an emotional connection with your audience.
This makes them trust in your brand, which will result in them engage better with your audience.

Build Targeted Traffic to your Website

Have an online store or a landing page? You can use social media marketing to send targeted traffic to it. Just target your Ad to the appropriate audience and your social network will do the rest.

Improve Brand Authority

Social media enables you to regularly engage with your audience. This when done consistently can make you a leading voice in your field.

Your fans will engage better with your content making it go viral. This means they will spread great stories about your business.