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8 steps to fix wiFi connectivity issues on Moto X4

moto x4
Motorola Moto X4 is the latest X Series smartphone from Motorola Company. Moto X4 is an inexpensive solid dual camera and water-proof device. If you've got this device and you're facing WFi issue. Then you were most likely curious on how to fix WiFi problem on Moto X4.

Moto X4 Specifications

Regarding Moto X4 specification, the device is a 5.2-inch display device with a screen resolution of 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels. It's high-powered by 2.2 GHz octa-core Qualcomm snapdragon 630 processor alongside 3GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage expandable via microSD card up to 256GB. Moto X4 runs on android 7.1.1 nougat OS.

Despite these features, few issues concerning Wi-Fi connectivity are encountered in many cases resulting in an enormous issue to the users of the device. Users complained of disruptions in mid usage of Wi-Fi connectivity on their Moto X4 device.

How to fix wifi connectivity issues on Moto X4

1. Check your device settings

  • visit your device Settings icon , then select Wi-Fi
  • make sure your Wi-Fi switch situated in the upper-right of your device is Switched on.
  • tap the Menu icon situated on the upper-right
  • then tap Advance
  • tap the Wi-Fi to scan or view peer smartphone.

2. Troubleshooting

When you don't seem to be able to connect with Wi-Fi on your Moto X4, the explanation for that perhaps is that your WiFi strength of signals isn't enough and you would possibly have to check your device signal indication

Try the following during this case:
  • Connect your device to a distinct Wi-Fi network within range.
  • Some WLAN networks are designed solely to static IP addresses; you've got to examine with system admin for IP address assignments.
    If the WiFi error continues apply the Trouble-shooter or visits close licensed dealer.

3. Restart Your device

Sometimes the Wi-Fi issue simply goes off with a restart of the device, it’s a viable choice. Use the power button to switch off your device and turn it on again.

4. No web connection

When there's completely no internet connectivity users ought to attempt the following:-

  • Switch to a distinct URL or web address
  • Reconnecting to the Wi-Fi Network
  • Check if other Wi-Fi devices are performing on the network and take a look at reconnecting the Wi-Fi router and your Moto X4 device to the router.

5. Reset Your Network setting

    This involves selection of your Wi-Fi network from the list and so clicking on forget to reset the network setting. However, if the user is connecting for the first time then skip this step.
 once this restart your Moto X4 device wait for few seconds then reconnect to the Wi-Fi network.

6. Ensure you have web access

The User in all cases ought to initially make sure the internet access to the router that's being employed as if there also can be internet connectivity problems with your Wi-Fi routers. Users can simply check this by testing other Wi-Fi devices to the network.

7. Reset Your electronic equipment

    Even when attempting the above-named steps you're still facing the matter reset your modem to factory settings by pressing the reset button on the rear of the modem.
    If issue still persists make sure the problem is with your device by checking it into other Wi-Fi networks.

8. Recommended Updates

In most cases, it's been found that Wi-Fi problems are resolved by updating the device software package to the most recent version.

If your device remains not updated and you're facing Wi-Fi connectivity problems on your device, attempt updating your software to the most recent version and recheck the Wi-Fi connectivity.

Now you know a way to fix WiFi problem on Moto X4, one usually would have such issues on this device.

It is expected the items of recommendation mentioned here in this post will be able to answer off all of your Wi-Fi connectivity problem of your Moto X4 device.

We believe this guide will be useful to you in resolving your WiFi problem on Moto X4. Any further queries or questions or suggestions would be welcomed in the comment section below.
HTC U11 Life Price and Specifications

HTC is set to launch its U11 Life smartphone on November 2. Recently, a web report disclosed that HTC U11 life price tag will be around $400. Now, a recent report has surfaced on-line that reveals a new price of the smartphone.

According to a German web site, Winfuture, HTC U11 Life will come with a price tag of $369 for the 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. there'll even be a 4GB RAM version however no info is out there regarding its price. Talking regarding the color variants, the HTC U 11 Life colors include brilliant Black, Sapphire Blue and Ice White color choices.

HTC U11 Life Full Specification

As per previous reports, the HTC U11 Life specs includes a 5.5-inch IPS display with 1440 x 2560 pixels resolution. It'll come with 4GB/6GB of RAM and 64GB/128GB of internal storage. Running android 8.0 oreo OS, the device is going to be backed by a 3830mAH battery.

There are reports that HTC may also launch the U11 plus with the U11 Life smartphone. In line with a report by android Authority, the HTC U11 plus flagship smartphone will be featuring a 5.99-inch HDI display with a 2880 x 1440 resolution, which implies 18:9 ratio display.

Also read: Samsung galaxy A7 2018 features
Some of the other specifications mentioned are Qualcomm snapdragon 835 SoC, 4GB/6GB RAM, 64GB/128GB storage, 12MP rear camera and 8MP front-facing camera, IP68 build, fast Charge 3.0, EdgeSense and USB Type-C port.
Easy way to protect your android phone device

protect your android phone
Android cell phones are one of the modern and popular gadgets all over the world. Therefore, nowadays these cell phones are the most common target for thieves and hackers. They always look for such cell phone devices which are easy to breach when connected to the cyber space. Android users should keep in mind that there are no hard and fast rules to make fully secure the android phone device. On another hand when someone is up to hacking or tracking your phone, you should get worry and try to stop that that culprit by applying basic protection methods. So, is it true to make secure your android phone device from all common security threats, with a little human effort? Yes, Android spy software can protect their cell phone device by the implementation of following mentioned steps.

Lock Your Phone

The modern android phone devices enable a user to store plenty of data within the phone memory such as photos, videos, confidential data, and music files, call recordings and plenty of other things alike.  Therefore, a cell phone needs to be locked with the help of android smart feature. It is very handy for users who don’t want to lock their phones with annoying PIN or passcode. So, phone lock is very necessary, if you left your phone at some place and someone gets their hands on, the person can easily view all the things stored within your phone device and your privacy could breach. In case of loss or theft same activity can he happened on your device and you may go through huge loss. Anyhow, android smart lock feature allows user to lock the phone only with your face.

Track the phone & delete your phone data

However, you have protected your phone with PIN and android smart feature. But if someone has theft your android phone, you can track the device by using the android device manager in order to track your theft phone and can delete all of your data in case having an emergency, but if you already have enabled a pair of settings first. It will help you out and don’t let anyone get their hands on the private data you have stored on the phone. The user can track the location of a cell phone to find out if lost but can delete the data remotely if someone has access to your device.

Scan your device & verify apps

The modern cell phone devices of Android operating systems enable a user to scan the cell phone device if something contains malware and malicious virus. The user can scan the entire smartphone device and also enable to verify the installed apps in order to know is there any third party application has installed on the device or not. Sometimes user installed un-authorized third-party applications on their cell phone devices that can cause serious issues such as data theft and lost or tempered and even sometimes it deletes the entire data stored in the device.

Keep your phone updated

Hackers are no doubt known as cybercriminals, but these criminals are very talented and well-educated. They always try to find out ways to break the security of modern cell phone devices in order to get something big. Therefore, the manufacturing companies keep sending updates on the user’s cell phone devices that enable a user to protect their Android devices by updating the apps and another operating system of the android phone. These updates are very important to use, so don’t ignore this kind of updates; otherwise, you may have to face the consequences.  

Create Data Backup

Everyone store the data within in their latest Android devices, but the modern hackers and thieves can get their hands on all the data you have stored which could very confidential and you may suffer from loses. Sometimes you have to wipe out the entire data of our Android phone in case someone has theft your device or you have lost it somewhere. You can create your own data backup on your mobile phone. You need to install TheOneSpy data backupapp on your phone and you will have the power to retrieve all the deleted data of your device. The data backup app enables a user to get your hands on all the lost or theft data of your android smartphone. When you store data on the device and you have already installed the data backup app on your target phone, at the same time all the data start syncing into the online control panel of the data backup app. No matter what happens to your data, you can get it back from TOS control panel. 

If you want to make your android phone device secure and safe from all online dangers, then install the data backup software on your cell phone device and put your worries to rest.

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Official release! Oppo F5 looks like an iPhone 7 with 18: 9 screen

Oppo F5
Oppo officially announced the Oppo F5 and if the smartphone did not have the Chinese company logo on the back it would say it is an Apple iPhone 7 with an 18: 9 screen. Oppo is not properly recognized for its original design. The Asian company has already presented us with smartphones that look a lot like Apple’s terminals, let’s take the example of “R11”, also known as OnePlus 5.
Even so, we can be assured that the quality of terminals is relevant. The Oppo F5 is a well-constructed device with the metal fingerprint reader on the back and screen 18: 9 FHD resolution with + at the front.
A major focus in this new smartphone is its front camera. The Chinese company claims that created an artificial intelligence that can give us more quality in both loved selfies.
The front camera 20MP with f / 2.0 aperture will give us photographs with good clarity is too light or dark. The rear camera 16MP has an f / 1.8 aperture and HDR potential.
Oppo F5 looks more like my desire for an iPhone 7 S
The Oppo F5 also gives us facial recognition to unlock the machine. Although it looks like Apple Face ID, since it has no sensors for this, the Oppo says that users will be satisfied with such a possibility.
For the rest of the specifications, the Oppo F5 has the MediaTek Helio P23 processor, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory and 6GB of RAM with 64GB ROM.
6 The screen “inches will not be much larger than the iPhone 8 as the edges of the device are much smaller than the Apple terminal.
The device will begin on sale in Asia for just over € 260, however, hardly find a Portuguese shop. Even you have to resort to online stores when the terminal becomes available mid-November.

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 most important features

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018
Telecom giants Samsung has uncovered the most important features of the next generation of mid-high-end equipment from the South Korean giant, the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018. The Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 edition will most likely be the most powerful in this whole range and now we know thanks to the Geekbench report, which will move and run this Android smartphone. Also notable for its water resistance and always-on screen technology inherited from the then top-of-the-range Galaxy S7. Now we know what will characterize the next generation of smartphones for 2018.

Samsung galaxy a7 2018 full specification

The scenario is quite interesting, of course, it will depend on the final retail price of this Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 but at least its technical specifications are very captivating, especially for mid-high-end equipment.
The Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 will have the model number  SM-A730F  and will arrive, in 2018, still with the operating system Android 7.1.1 Nougat although the  Android Oreo already had been announced last August.
Moreover, we will have here a generous 6GB of RAM and the Exynos 7885 processor, an 8-core SoC (8 cores processing), developed by the South Korean developer. We see here a clear bet on performance, being in fact the first mid-range equipped with 6GB of RAM.

6GB of RAM on Samsung Galaxy A5 2018

This is no longer the first time we see the technical details of the Galaxy A line for 2018, having already been mentioned that it will bring a biometric sensor or fingerprint reader placed on its rear panel.
We may also have a variant with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor and will be conveniently paired with the Galaxy A5 2018 and Galaxy A3 2018. All of these devices are expected to be introduced in January next year with their arrival in the markets during the first quarter.
And, are you looking forward to getting to know the next generation of Samsung mid-range smartphones? Leave us your opinion below in the comments.

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This ransomware can 'permanently' lock your android

An android ransomware dubbed DoubleLocker can lock a victim's phone by changing the device's PIN and encrypts all the information stored within the device. This makes it nearly not possible for victims to access their data without paying a ransom.

According to researchers, this ransomware is distributed via a fake Adobe Flash Player apps spread mistreatment compromised websites. The ransomware asks the victim to grant administrative permissions that it then uses to activate the device's admin rights and set itself as the default home application.

Whenever the user taps the home button, the ransomware gets activated and also the device gets locked once more however the user is unaware of the very fact that the malware is activated each time the home button is pressed.

The ransomware encrypts all information stored within the device through the AES cryptography algorithmic rule, which suggests that, in theory, there's no way to decipher the files without receiving the decoding key from the attackers.

 The ransomware encrypts all files from the device's primary storage directory, using the AES algorithmic rule and also the ".cryeye" extension. There isn't any way to recover the files without the cryptography key.

Usually, the ransom to be paid within twenty four hours is 0.0130 BTC ($54) that is around Rs 4,000.

After Wanna cry and Petya, malware developers have currently smitten android by bringing in a new strain of android ransomware attack. In case of DoubleLocker, hackers have used the best and simplest way to trick users i.e social engineering. Human is the weakest link in cyber security and hackers have leveraged this weak link to compromise android devices.

The central reason why the DoubleLocker is deadly is that it grants itself device administrative permissions (generally utilized by antivirus/lost-phone apps). This permission offers the attacker complete remote of the device as well as options like remote lock, wipe, locate, ring and alter passwords.

The prevention, on the opposite hand, is very straightforward. think before you click! Users are suggested to not click on pop-ups that ask them to put in plugins or extra software. More significantly, read fastidiously the permissions you're granting an app. Never ever offer device administrator permission to an application even though downloading from the official store unless you're completely positive that you simply need to provide the app owners complete remote access to your device.

Prevention is better than cure, duplicate your data frequently as paying the ransom is not a guaranteed solution. Even though you pay the desired amount there's no assurance that the hackers can keep their promise and decipher your files. education
New Release! Moto Z 2018 and Moto Z 2018 Kingsman Edition launched in China

Moto Z 2018 and Moto Z 2018 Kingsman Edition
Lenovo-owned Motorola has launched a brand new smartphone in China known as the Moto Z 2018 together with a limited edition of a similar phone that's Moto Z 2018 Kingsman VIP Special Edition, that seems to share its theme with the film Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

These freshly launched handsets are exactly same because the Moto Z2 Force in terms of specs and design, excluding the actual fact that the logo at the rear on each of them encompasses a gold finishing rather than the black. Also, the distinction between the Moto Z 2018 and the Kingsman VIP Special Edition is that the latter comes in a case like box that has a VIP Card, TurboPower battery mod, wireless charging mod, USB-C to 3.5mm audio adapter, leather flip case, 45th-year-anniversary notepad, the USB-C Hi-Fi audio headphones, and a warranty card. The Moto Z 2018 Kingsman VIP Special Edition is priced at CNY nine,999.

In terms of specs, these handsets go with a 5.5-inch QuadHD AMOLED touchscreen, that includes a resolution of 1440x2560 pixels and a pixel density of around 534ppi. Below the display lies a pill-shaped fingerprint sensor.

Crafted from 7000 series aluminium, they are hopped-up by Qualcomm's snapdragon 835 chipset, and are available in 2 storage choices -- 4GB RAM +64GB internal storage and 6GB RAM+128GB internal storage. a dedicated memory slot good for microSD cards of up to 256GB is there also. The smartphones run android 7.1.1 nougat out-of-the-box, enhanced with Motorola's helpful software system tweaks

For imaging duties, the handsets include a dual-camera setup 12MP+12MP at the rear. At the front is a 5MP selfie shooter, with a two-tone dual-LED flash of its own. Backing up the complete package is a non-removable two,730mAh battery, with support for fast Charge technology.

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Good new! Making calls with public wifi now a possibility using internet telephone

You may shortly be capable to make calls using Wi-Fi  to any mobile or telephone line number  even if you do not have any signal on your smartphone with  the internet telephone service, telecommunication regulator Trai giving its nod to net telephone.

The move -being opposed by older telecommunication firms -will be significantly useful for making voice calls even when there aren't any mobile signals in some locations or when the standard network is uneven (which usually results in poor and interrupted call quality).

"The authority is of the notion that as per the current licensing framework, internet telephone service will be provided independent of the net access service. In other words, the net telephone service is un-tethered from the underlying access (or mobile) network," Trai aforementioned in its `Recommendations on regulative framework for internet Telephony', that have been submitted to the telecommunication ministry.

The regulator has pitched net calling as a helpful and cost-effective alternative for making voice calls. "This can increase the call success rate, significantly in indoor poor coverage areas wherever public internet is also accessible but signal of a specific telecommunication company isn't obtainable."

The older telecommunication players and their body COAI had opposed the move when it had been discussed by the regulator as they feared that it'd impact voice revenues. The firms said internet telephone, if provided over public network, can "entail vast losses to operators who are providing standard voice services as there'll be a shift of voice traffic... to public internet."

The companies aforementioned with raised proliferation of smartphones and tablets, the shift in SMS and voice traffic to app-based services has already started affecting their revenues, and this move can boost the pressure.

Trai disagrees. "The consumer can have a lot of alternative in making calls, and seamless voice connectivity can be accessed by riding over any WiFi network even when mobile signal isn't adequate, or is missing," Arvind Kumar, advisor at Trai, said.

To make calls through internet telephone, firms will ought to give an option -like an app -which would enable subscribers to use wifi before making calls to any of their contacts. Reliance Jio is believed to be one among the front-runners in providing such a framework.

Explaining the method of internet telephone, a Trai official aforementioned, "For example, an Airtel client could conceive to use Wi-Fi of MTNL or BSNL when he desires to make a call. Currently, there's no provision for this. however through an internet telephone player, he can now be provided such a facility through an app that he could download on his smartphone and use whenever needed. {the number|the amount|the quantity} of the caller are going to be same as his original number."

The regulator has recommended that "necessary clarification" is also issued by telecommunication ministry relating to internet telephone service. "If department of telecommunication contains a totally different understanding, Trai recommends that it may issue change to access service licences in order that net telephony service is untethered from the underlying access network."

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How to recover a standard iOS app on iPhone or iPad

How to recover a standard iOS app on iPhone or iPad
It will be a shock to you that many using iPhone don’t know how to recover standards app on their iPhone and iPad after they mistakenly removed it. Today we will be guiding you on how to recover a standard iOS app on iPhone or iPad after removing it, it’s very important to know how to install them again. The question running in someone head now is what is a standard app? The applications that are pre-installed by Apple or should I say the iOS apps that came with the smartphone. Example of the standard applications are Calendar, Calculator, Compass, Contacts, FaceTime, Files, Mail, Maps, Music, Notes, Weather, etc. Restoring standard applications is just as easy as any other. They just need to download from the App Store.
If you want to try it out yourself, you can remove any standard application from your iPhone or iPad, and then follow the instructions below.

How to recover a standard iOS app on iPhone or iPad

  1. Open the App Store.App store icon
  2. Click the Search tab and enter the name of the desired application.
  3. Find the standard application in the list of results and download it.
  4. Repeat the same with all the standard applications that you want to restore.
All installed applications as usual will appear on the main screen. In our example, this was the Calculator application.
You can delete standard applications the same way as regular ones, but the function appeared relatively recently.
Make surethat you shake it a standard applicationas is now in the beginning of the list of resultsApp Store puts advertisingIn addition, among the results can be third-party applications with similar icons and names. The developer of standard applications will be Apple.
Links to download standard applications
Only you decide whether you need standard applications. For example, you can remove the Music application in order to get rid of the autoplay of songs in the machine or to set an alternative, like Spotify.

There are several applications that can not be restored, but they can not be deleted either. These include Settings, App Store and Safari.
Location sharing feature added on whatsapp: Share live location on android and ios
Whatsapp location sharing feature arrive with the most recent version of WhatsApp for android and iOS that you simply can download from Google Play Store and also the App Store, respectively.

WhatsApp is widely famed, widely used and used worldwide on each android and iOS operating systems. Receiving many periodic updates to ensure an excellent user experience additionally to adding new features is an doubtless indispensable App and from now on WhatsApp will provide the chance of locating individuals in real time!

Indeed, the team of developers liable for this messaging|electronic communication} and instant messaging application unconcealed through a posting on its official blog that it might be gradually available to all its iOS and android users.

You can now share your current location through WhatsApp for iOS and android

I know it’s laborious to believe (or perhaps not such a lot today), however through a map integrated within the application itself you'll be able to see wherever your contacts are in real time. You'll be able to see wherever your contacts are, the individuals with whom you speak through this messenger.

When opening a brand new conversation with a group or someone (with whom you wish to share the location) you'll be able to now do so through the “Location” which will be accessible once you choose the attach button. You’ll see a new “Share Live Location” choice. Then select the specified period of time and also the folks that can access this info.

By this I mean that your whatsapp real time location will be available to your specified friends or group. Already on the other side, every person in your chat will now see your location on a map similar to the one you'll be able to see next.

This new feature is to Whatsapp for iOS and android users

The news came to us through the official blog of whatsapp that reveals that every user will select the length of time they require to share their location.

 You'll be able to find the individuals you're interacting with on WhatsApp in real time, if they so want.

Additionally, to make sure (some degree of) user privacy, you can choose which individuals can access your precise location.

Not that it softens the problem … even because if somebody shares their location in a group, all places are going to be visible on the same map.

Note that sharing the real location, this feature already common on Facebook, Facebook messenger, Snapchat, Google Maps (obvious) and currently comes to WhatsApp for sure.

This new feature is available in the most recent version of WhatsApp for android and iOS that you just can find within the Google Play Store and also the App Store, respectively. So get ready to share your current location on whatsapp on android and iOS.

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3 things that makes a smartphone slow: making your device faster

making your smartphone faster
There are many conspiracy theories seeking to clarify why our phones, tablets and computers continuously slow down as they become older.

Internet searches for "iPhone slow" and "my android phone is running slow and freezing" spike after the release of a new-generation model, however there isn't any proof to recommend that manufacturers deliberately degrade the performance of older devices with software package updates.

Computer hardware doesn't usually slow down over its useful life.

Instead, there are many different reasons why smartphones, tablets and PCs begin to appear less snappy.

The good news is that you can usually take steps to boost your existing device's performance.

Memory bloat

Each time they update, apps usually become larger and additionally packed with options. Visual glamour is additionally a significant attraction, so desktop and mobile operating systems periodically receive vital redesigns.

All that additional functionality and flashiness requires your device to try and do a lot of computation than it did when it arrived home from the shop.

Given that it does not as if by magic speed up to compensate, it has less spare capacity obtainable to respond to you quickly.

Newer apps not only tend to try and do a lot of computation, they additionally sometimes take up more room in your device's storage.

Devices solely have a restricted quantity of fast "Random Access Memory" (RAM) accessible.

 one among a device's data storage elements, RAM is the rough equivalent of an office whiteboard — quick and convenient, however limited in capability. Its contents are wiped anytime you turn your device off.

When it runs out of space in RAM, your device will shift things to and from the much slower (and permanent till expressly erased) information storage, flash memory, that takes extensive time.

In older PCs with mechanical hard disks, this used to be referred to as "thrashing", as users detected the hard disk's read-write heads moving across the platters as they waited for information to be shifted in and out of the filled-up RAM.

Flash memory is silent and far quicker than magnetic hard disks ever were, however it's still orders of magnitude more sluggish than RAM.

Excessive caching

To make their apps run quicker, some designers create them store copies of things in RAM that they suppose the user would possibly need to examine once more to hurry things up.

For instance, an internet browser would possibly retain a duplicate of what the content in every tab appears like, even though just one tab is visible at a given moment.

Known as caching, this makes things work a lot of quicker — till your system starts to run out of memory.

    For caching to be effective, the quantity of space dedicated to it should be rigorously managed by the application and also the device's OS.

Some app developers do not place the effort that they ought to into doing this well, and their applications not only slow down over time, but will drag the remainder of the system down with them too.

More and a lot of software

It's also not uncommon for helpful software to be among "crapware" — less-than-useful add-ons like browser toolbars — that use system resources and impact performance.

Additional software will slow a system down in several ways: filling up permanent storage, consuming a lot of precious RAM, and using the computer's central processing unit "in the background" without you noticing.

All these factors may result in the system having fewer resources accessible to reply to you promptly.

 a brand new or factory-reset device tends to possess less of this accumulated "cruft" (unwanted information and software) installed, and thus has a lot of resources accessible to do the tasks that a user really desires.

Another unpleasant probability is that a number of the computing capabilities of your device are getting used by malware, probably viruses, worms or different sorts of malicious software.

How can you make a slow smartphone faster ?

You're not going to be able to match the performance of the most recent and greatest high-end smartphone, tablet, or laptop with an older model, as newer devices usually have basically faster elements.

But with a little quantity of effort, you'll get the most out of your existing device.

Whether you are using a phone, tablet, PC or Mac, the most helpful zero-cost action you'll be able to take is to uninstall inessential apps and add-ons.

However, in some circumstances it should be easier — after fastidiously backing up all of your data — to easily perform the equivalent of a factory reset and instal the OS from scratch, adding only the apps you truly want.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

How to force close app on iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 plus

How to force close app on iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus

When you close app on iPhone, it continues to run within the background, however most of the tasks are off, as long as you do not open it once more. If there's a background task that has got to be completed, the application can continue to run. These tasks include locating, IP-telephony, etc.

To force close app on iPhone 4 to 8 plus series, you need to open the application switcher and do it, swiping it from there. It instantly completes all background tasks and frees up memory. Ever since Apple introduced multitasking in iOS 4, one among the main topics of debate was the question of whether or not to close the applications running within the background is what smartphone users need? We tend to believe that it's helpful, for instance, once an application hangs up or consumes plenty of battery, like Facebook or Pokémon Go.

IOS is meant to deal with multitasking, and, if you're using some applications frequently, we suggest that you do not close, just minimize it. Though, this can slow down the application to work as long as you do not open it the next time. Force closing fully end all the processes, then reopening the application can make it to run more swiftly.

If you have modified the previous model to the new iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 plus is, you'll be able to still force application to close in the same manner as before. If you do not know how this can be done, below we’ll tell you regarding it.

How to force close app on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus

Step 1: First unlock your iPhone.

Step 2:  Double-click the home button to open the application tray. There you will see all the applications that run within the background.

Step 3:  Scroll cards left and right till you discover the app you would like to shut.

Step 4:  Swipe card applications up to close it.

The app will totally clean up all background tasks. You ought to force close applications that consume plenty of battery. These may include Facebook, WhatsApp and telegram.

How to close multiple applications on the iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus

In this case, the method is sort of similar, however you'll need to use 2 or more fingers. As we mentioned above, it's not necessary to close the applications you utilize frequently.
  • Press the home button twice.
  • Find the application that you just need to close.
  • Place many fingers on each application card and whisk them up. So it's attainable to close the 3 applications right away. You can additionally use four fingers, however it'll be harder so the three finger method is the simplest option.


Saturday, 14 October 2017

Download Google Pixel 2 Launcher For your Android smartphone

Google Pixel 2 Launcher
You can now download the new Google Pixel 2 Launcher for your Android smartphone and tablet completely free and securely. (for smartphone running Android 5.0 or higher) Google has a new smartphone or preferably two new smartphones built on its own. They were announced last October 4th, and we had a little bit of everything. From the new home accessories like the Max and Mini speakers, even smart earphones (the Buds) but the star of the event was even the new Android smartphones that bring the new Google Pixel 2 Launcher
Both devices are very identical to each other, varying mainly in screen size and respective battery capacity. Both bring a new camera app that you can download here, with Motion Photos, for the devices you choose. Now we have another new feature for your Android smartphone.

Already know the new Google Pixel 2 Launcher for Android?

In addition to hardware news and a new camera app, the Google Pixel 2 also features a new Launcher that can now be downloaded and used on virtually all Android devices (Android 5.0+).
Available through a simple APK you do not have to fear about the security or ease of installation. I know you’ll like the new search bar and many other aspects of this stylish launcher for your Android smartphone or tablet.
Google Pixel 2 LauncherOverview of Google Pixel 2 launcher for Android In addition to the new, more rounded, customizable and localized search bar by default at the bottom of the screen you will also have a new widget that will bring together all your events, calendar appointments, traffic notifications, and weather (if location services are active) in one place.
The download is done through the apk mirror platform  :

Download Pixel 2 launcher APK  (version P-4275643)

Friday, 13 October 2017

6 Tips from Huawei to capture the essence of photography

6 Tips from Huawei to capture the essence of photography
Huawei has focused heavily on smartphone photography or mobile photography, as we can see from its partnership established in 2016 with Leica, for technological development, perfecting the lenses of its latest equipment. The knowledge that deserves to be shared. Now, as a specialist in the front camera photography ( selfie ) and street photography, Huawei highlights some of the most important tips to implement street photography.
Street photography gives amateur photographers the opportunity to quickly familiarize themselves with their equipment, broaden the range of their observations and have a better feel for creating photos.
The busy streets and interesting people, objects and scenes that fill them make excellent subjects for a photographer’s lens, which extracts, distills, and expresses the scenes he captures in the language of photography.

It’s time to get on your smartphone and start taking pictures!

With the rapid development of mobile photography, mobile phones, with their portability and ease of use, have become a great tool for street photography. It’s one of the most challenging shooting modes, he believes.
So what are the tricks and techniques that exist when it comes to mobile street photography? To answer that question, Huawei has been on the streets of cities like London, Brighton, and the Isle of Wight and shows him how to use sunlight, colors, and environments to create a street photo album.

1. Know your Smartphone

Street photography means being in the right place at the right time. For this reason, street photographers on the rise must know their equipment well so they can quickly activate the camera on their smartphone.

* photo captured with Huawei P10 Plus smartphone
Nowadays most devices already open the camera very quickly and in the case of the Huawei P10 this allows you to slide up the screen while the camera is locked to open the camera quickly.
In short, the important thing is to be comfortable with the camera functions – with just a touch of the screen can change the focal point of the image and the virtual shutter button. The rhythm of the city does not wait for you to discover the right button, you have to know your machine/smartphoneKnow your Smartphone.

2. Use a variety of angles for your photos

Due to reasons related to physical comfort, habit, and indifference, most people tend to stand up and point their cameras upright and level when taking pictures.
*photo captured with the Honor 9 smartphone
Such actions often result from boring and lifeless photographs. It does not hurt to mix a little and try new camera angles, as well as ups and downs. Try varying the angle, you will not regret it!

3. Use of mirror images

Lakes, water pools and pools are natural ways to create mirrored images. However, if natural surfaces are not available, you can use surfaces such as glass or even the screen of another phone to create a mirrored surface.

4. Vivid colors to enhance life

To better bring the essence of life down the street, look for scenarios in which vibrant colors, such as red, yellow, blue and green, come together in a single photo.

5. Light is the soul of street photography.

Light causes buildings to cast dynamic shadows on the streets by adding a layer of mystery, as well as giving the viewer a sense of “temperature,” “heat.”
For Huawei and Honor 9 you can slide up or down on your camera’s exposure bar to increase or decrease exposure compensation to find the perfect balance for your photo.
Light is the soul of street photography

* photo captured with the Honor 9 smartphone
If you’re capturing a silhouette, try reducing the exposure compensation by raising the background brightness to better capture the interaction between light and shadow.

6. Find relationships between people and their environment to give the photograph a sense of depth

In addition to being simply enjoyable to look at, great photographs should have a certain level of depth and tell a story. For this, a photographer needs to develop his observation skills, which can be improved through training and practice.

All photos captured with Honor 9

Most casual photographers put a lot of effort into observing people while taking street photographs, and the context and environment in which they exist is not enough. For that reason, to get a great street shot, people and scenarios should take on the same level of importance when it comes to selecting the scene.
The contrasting contours of the buildings against the sky, the patterns in the corners of the streets, the shadows of objects scattered over the walls; these are all elements that make up a great photo.
The ideal street photograph shows the dynamic relationship between people and their environment as opposed to using the environment as simply a static scenario devoid of interaction.
Another suggestion to improve your street photography is to capture the everyday interactions between individuals. Photos that capture ephemeral moments of mood, anger, coincidence and sudden changes are much more vivid than static or posed photos.
Street photography can be the greatest form of esoteric art and the search for the most ordinary layman. But regardless of who, expensive and bulky photographic equipment is no longer a requirement, as today’s mobile phones provide each and every one of us with the ability to participate, act and act.