Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Swap Your Face On Video with Your Smartphone Using MSQRD

MSQRD could be a mobile application that lets user mask their face with advanced face following system and 3D face placement SDK. this app additionally provides filters for selfie, record selfie video animation, amendment the approach you look with series of animations out there then enables you to share your
record or capture to friends on social networks.
The application additionally comes with face swap options, with this features you'll be able to simply swap the face of somebody near you and their advanced face following system would track each faces and
swap. the applying does not simply masquerade your face, however it additionally makes it look terribly realistic . It's in beta version currently thus it solely contains a few faces however it's worth a try.

Oh Lord.. Look At My Face 😂😂😂😂😂

Hell Hath No Fury... I'm not ever  going to use bleaching cream.. 😱😱

You can get it for your IPhone on the App Store

Android Users Download it Here

Update - MSQRD has been bought by Facebook so it's possible you'll see the features on apps owned by Facebook. 
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