Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could come with a useful freebie

Galaxy Note 8 freebie

The Samsung Galaxy Note eight is bound to be a awfully costly phone, however you would possibly get over simply the phone for your cash, with a report speech that the approaching tablet can come along with a free case thrown in.

That’s in step with ETNews, that says the case are going to be fabricated from a clear plastic material, designed to be as skinny as doable whereas covering the rear and sides of the Galaxy Note eight.

It seems like a basic case then, however one that ought to supply some protection while not obscuring your phone or adding an excessive amount of thickness thereto.

Although maybe not the foremost exciting freebee and one that several patrons can in all probability either opt for to not use or solely use till they will get a much better case, it might still be helpful, making certain your phone is protected while not you having to pay any additional.
Limited convenience

Don’t get too excited tho', because the case, which might purportedly be valued at between $17.70-$26.55 (around £14-£20/AU$22-AU$33) apparently won’t be bundled with the Note eight within the America, Europe or Russia.

So if you’re reading this, likelihood is that that rules you out – tho' there’s no word on different markets like Australia.

That’s a shame if true, like a possible metal and glass build the Samsung Galaxy Note eight can in all probability be somewhat fragile, however joined of the foremost high-profile phones of the year there ar absolute to be many cases for it – you’ll simply need to acquire one.
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