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8 Best Applications To Backup Your Android Phone Data
One of the main strengths of the Android platform, which cannot be overemphasized is its ability to be customized at will. This characteristics allow you to customize your android device to suit you, such as backing up your data.
Best Android Backup Applications
Once you grab a new android phone, you'll want to maximize it's full features. However, if your smartphone is widely customizable without you making a futuristic plan to backup your data, you may lose all your important files in the phone. There are many tutorials on how to backup your android phone data, but most of the tutorials are complex. Some of the methods may involve rooting which can brick your phone and void your warantee. That's why it is advisable to perform a backup of your using some simple but powerful applications, so you would not have to brick your phone in the process of rooting. Meanwhile here is a selection of the best apps to backup your data.

Best Android Applications to Backup Your Data 

1.  APK Share And Backup
I'm beginning with APK share and backup because of it's easy-to-use nature. This app is extremely easy to use, because you can simply click on a particular application to start the backup process. No big deal!After backing up, you'll see a share button. It actually allows you to send a saved copy of your backed-up data. Therefore, you can send a copy of your backup to your email for safekeeping.

2.  Easy Backup And Restore
This application is entirely free. As the name suggests, it is one of the simplest android backup app. All your backup data is stored in a .zip file and you can share it to your PC or leave it on your android phone. Easy Backup And Restore has the capability to back up and restore your data on hard drives, micro SD or in cloud servers and is compatible with version 2.3 of Android and latest versions. The advantages of this application is; it's not a paid app. It has many backup options, and you can create an in-app account, which you can restore on any android phone.

3.  Helium Backup
Previously known as the Carbon, the application works like any other. Helium can backup and restore from the cloud, from a micro SD card or from a PC. Available in free or paid version (about $5.79). Due to its advanced and complex nature, it works only on android version 4.0 upwards. Helium backup also has PC, Mac and Linux versions, so that you can manage your backups from a landline. Helium is capable of storing many types of data and restore them as well.

4.  AppMonster
This applications is quite popular for as a backup app. AppMonster is easy to use, and notifies you of the status of progress of the backup. Seeing "Backed Up" while performing a backup confirms the operation's success. If you opt for the free version, keep in mind that you won't have full control over the app, as some options will be inaccessible.

5.  Backup And Install Manager
The backup is done according to your desires, depending on the selected application.  Which means you can backup more than one application at a time. As with APK Share and Backup, you can share your backed up data to your email and through Bluetooth. Backup and install manager, just like the implies allows you to backup your files, install or uninstall an application.

6.  Ultimate Backup
This is a suitable application to backup an android phone. Ultimate backup can back up your smartphone and restore your data. Backups can be saved on Cloud or local storage, depending on your choice. It also lets you choose between backing up an APK file only, or both APK and its data. Its free version offers enough features for basic use. The application works from version 2.2 of Android to latest versions.

7.   Apowersoft: Smartphone Manager
We are approaching the best application. It offers a pleasant and efficient service. It is originally a free desktop application that allows you obviously manage your smartphone and backup, and restore your data. Apowersoft smartphone manager works with android version 3.0 and above. The only problem of this app is (to some individuals though), the desktop version is not free.

8.  Es File Explorer
Es file explorer is a popular file manager app, which performs diversities of works. You can manage your folders and backup/restore data with this application. These diverse features has given Es file explorer a top rank above its counterparts. To practice your backup, simply select the application management icon and to select items you want to save. Once validated this step automatically make copies on file attached to the application. To restore these applications, go to the destination folder where the backup data were save, and select restore.

The last three applications in the list (Ultimate Backup, Apowersoft and Es File Explorer) are the best backup and restore applications for your android device.

Learn all languages with google translate app for android
Google Translate Android offers the same service as the translator software on your computer. The advantage here is that google translator is portable and transportable, because it's in your Android phone.
Translate all languages with google translate
A sign or menu translate taking a single photo, transcribing a sentence in a foreign language (or to understand) Thanks to voice recognition, writing or even handwritten keyboard (by drawing characters) ... Google Translate can do everything. Practice the Offline mode help you out abroad, if you do not have a mobile data plan and you are afraid of roaming charges.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Top 5 Free Android Apps to boost your brain
Boost your brain performance, develop memory, sharpen responsiveness; do you know you can do all these with your android smartphone? Of course it is possible with the use of the right brain booster applications. If you want to hire a coach to boost your brain performance, you'll have him pay. But these apps are free, though you need to upgrade in some apps in order to access some features.
Brain booster android apps
See the Top 5 android applications that serves as a good booster for your brain!

1.  Luminosity

Luminosity is an application that will allow you to work out your memory efficiently, till your brain performance improves. For starters, Luminosity prompt you to select the items you want to improve (loss of objects, remembering names of people, multitask at a time etc). After asking for registration (via email address or Facebook account), you'll be able to access all features of the app for an effective boosting of your brain performance. Luminosity offers, through its ergonomic interface and fun activities, features that improve your memory according to criteria previously selected.

2.  Fit Brains Trainer 

Fit Brains Trainer allows you to maintain your memory using various exercises. Caring for the body is good, but taking care of your brain is great and better (because the brain will tell you what your body needs at a particular time). To boost the performance of the cerebellum, Brain Trainer Fit offers different sets of exercises, including concentration, visualization and memory boosting. The exercises are free, but it requires subscription access some advanced features for the effective improvement of the brain.

3.  Elevate: Brain Training

Elevate: Brain Training is an application that improves and enhances the brain performance. This application is also a medium to improve your fluency in English at the same time! Of course, nothing is better than boosting your brain to become a genius.

Elevate: Brain Training is a brain training app, providing a succession of games to develop your logical abilities, memory, and your vocabulary or your mental arithmetic ability. As usual with this type of application, you'll have to pay a fund through the subscription system to unlock all games. If you're okay with the free version, then there is not point to subscribe!

4.  Semper: Learn effortlessly

 Exercise is good, and doing exercises every day is even better. To compel you to exercise your memory, the Semper enforces you to solve mental arithmetic or a small puzzle to boost your brain performance. This way, you will practice several times a day. Of course, it is always possible to "give up" if you do not know the answer to "20 + 14" or you're too tired to think. Semper also offers a training mode to improve the performance of your brain and thus boost your brain even faster. You will be given a certain time limit to answer each question. Note that the subtraction operations, multiplication and division are paid features. However, access to your statistics (time, difficulty, etc.) is completely free.

5.  Neuron Gym Brain Training 

Neuron Gym is free brain training application that offers 20 games to develop memory, logic, responsiveness or attention. Neuron Gym is perhaps not the best brain training application, but it offers 20 free games where most apps of its kind is limited to less than 5 before having to put their hands in the pocket (subscribe to get more games). Neuron Gym is a new application and its features will be added over the updates.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Hot! Optimize your android phone with BitDefender Power Tune-Up
Enjoy your Android phone longer with BitDefender Power Tune-Up.

The application The following is a performance optimizer and a battery saver. In addition to making you gain autonomy, it will allow you to clean unneeded temporary files and to better manage your data volume. The goal here is to make you enjoy longer your device. Although its use Android phone with Power Tune-UP Developed by the Romanian brand BitDefender antivirus, Power Tune-Up is a Swiss army knife of optimization for smartphones and tablets. This application offers many features that allow you to use your Android phone longer.

1. Save your battery

The purpose of the application is to slow down your energy consumption. To do this, tap on the home page of Power Tune-Up, the Saver button. Multiple actions are available by scrolling at the top, the circular menu mentioning saving options, Processor, Device Options, or RAM. All allow you to limit the discharge of your battery.

2. Clean your android phone

Option number 2 offered by Power Tune-Up gives you the option to delete unnecessary files and cached temporary located on your internal memory and your SD card. Touch Cleaning and Analyze. Once this is done, press all clean.

3. Conserve your data volume

The last tool proposed by the application allows you to monitor your data consumption. Touch amount of data, then Configure. Enter the control parameters that you want to apply (data quota, frequency, start date control) before you press Set.

BitDefender Power Tune-Up
Google Maps : Never get stranded (Full google map tutorial)
Your smartphone has become a map with Google Maps. Since 2006, Google Maps is placed as one of the best map software for PC. On your Android phone, this service becomes portable. Are you in a new location and you don't know the closest restaurant or hotel? The Google Maps application will have its place in your smartphone will be your guide where ever you go. You can never get stranded with google maps.
Google Maps : Never get stranded
Checkout some basic tips on how to use google maps.

Google Maps: The compass mode 

Among the novelties introduced by the last update of Google Maps include the addition of the famous compass mode. This is easy to use, and allows you to display a slanted view of the area where you are. This compass mode navigates through the direction you are moving.

1. Activate the compass mode

Start by running Google Maps. Once on the interface mapping area, touch the icon "My position" (top right), the latter will turn into wind rose. Press this compass to start the compass mode. The card then goes into 3D and compass appears on the top left of your screen. You know the principle of the Red arrow indicates the magnetic north.

2. Use of the compass mode

 The compass mode allows you to orient yourself in real time, with more accuracy. The map is oriented in the direction you are facing. The viewing angle is adjusted according to the compass mode.  It also works with Street View. Know that you can leave at any time by touching the icon representing the compass. Google Maps interactive map remains even when the compass mode is turned off.

What is new in Google Maps?

1. New interface

Google Maps is now accompanied by two bands. A top banner where you will find a drop down menu with the functions Up, addresses and navigation, and a lower banner with access to Layers and addresses directly.

2. Layers

 In this new version, it is possible to overlay different layers as needed. First press the Layers button in the bottom right and select those that you want to appear (traffic information, transport, etc.) and confirm.

3. Address

The other advantage of having Google Maps on a smartphone or tablet, is to have access to good addresses referenced by the search engine. Press the Address button (second from the right) and choose from the Restaurants, Cafes, Bars and nearby attractive centers.

How to use Google Maps Navigation

Google Maps Navigation is in beta version. Yet this is one of the best performing GPS applications and perhaps the simplest to use. More tutorials below;

1. Enable GPS

To use a GPS application, be certain that your GPS is activated. To activate GPS mode, navigate to the Settings section of your phone, then in Security & location or Location & security (however). There, you can simply check the Enable GPS satellites. Do not forget to uncheck after the end of your trip because the GPS consumes battery.

2. By voice recognition

 Launch the app navigation, touch Speak Destination and speak it clearly. Google then trace the route starting from where you are and a voice informs you when you reach your destination.

3. Change course

You have to find another way if you do not want to be late! Click the Menu icon on the bottom right then and select Route alternatives. Click the second icon from the left (toothed wheels) avoid highways and tolls, or third to display the different itineraries available as well as their distance.

Google Maps: Navigate a new dimension

 1. Tilt

If you are the proud owner of an Android smartphone, you can benefit since 3D effect has being added to Google Maps.  You can use the 3D feature even when you're not in Satellite mode. To do this, place two fingers on either side of the screen and slide them in parallel in the same direction. The view would the changed and buildings appear in 3D.

2. Rotate

You can rotate the plane by placing two fingers on the screen and rotating them. As usual, you can also walk on the map by navigating with one finger. The movements produce relatively intuitive and the application is very responsive.

Google Maps Navigation offline 

Finally Google has done what we've being waiting for.  You know have the ability to use Google Maps Navigation offline! This feature is still very limited, but opens the way to beautiful package savings for those who do not have unlimited Internet.

1. Access cards

To work offline, Google Maps Navigation requires that you download maps. Go to My addresses via the drop-down menu and click the Offline Connection tab. It is in this location that they will be saved.

2. Plan Area

Indicate the desired region or town as the application prompted, and click OK. Now you need to enlarge or reduce the area of ​​the area you want to backup. Google Maps kept in memory can not exceed 85 MB, a hundred kilometers from diagonal.

3. Download the map

Once the area is defined, confirm with Ok and let Google Maps download the map. Note that you can only download one at a time, and Wi-Fi will not be luxury. Google Maps Navigation will then work in this area, whether you are connected to the internet or not.
Media Center Bbox: Send pictures, sounds and videos on your TV with Bbox
Send your media files stored on your smartphone to your TV with Media Center Bbox.

If you are a holder of Bbox Bouygues Telecom, know that, through the application Bbox Media Center, it is possible to create a bridge between your box and your Android smartphone. You can send your media (photo, video, song) to your TV with a simple swipe of the finger to enjoy on the big screen.

Send pictures, sounds and videos on your TV with Bbox 

Bbox sensation can connect his smartphone to send photos and videos on television, with a single gesture.

1. The media center

Media Center application allows you to send a choice of music, photos or video on your TV, if it is connected to the Bbox sensation. Select the icon that represents the media type (Music, Photo, Video) that you want to send.

2. The contents 

Select the source of content that you want to send. Your device is listed in the left column. The folders on your smartphone or tablet will then appear. Then drag the contents in the playlist. If you put several files, the app will create a slideshow.

3. Send 

Then press the play button to start the slideshow. The upper left arrow will allow you to send this slideshow on your TV. Note that you must be in the Media center of your Bbox. Bbox appears in the small panel in the top left, select it and drag your finger like to send content to television.

Media Center Bbox APK
Phonograph Music Player : Best Android Music Player
Phonograph Music Player is a simple music player for listening to music stored on your Android phone. The advantage: the ergonomic interface.

Among the host of audio players listed on the Google Play Store, Phonograph Music Player comes off the clear interface that has the merit of offering. The latter allows, from the first ignition, scanning the internal memory of your mobile device to identify the music files stored there. To see more clearly if you use multiple folders. Since many of these services, Phonograph Music Player has a tool to easily develop playlists. Allergic audio streaming services (Google Play Music, Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud ...) will Phonograph Music Player in a loophole more convincing.

Phonograph Music Player

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Stream videos and other contents online with Adobe Flash Player 11 on Android
Unlike Apple which locked his iPhone, Android accepted the Flash player. Result, you can read all videos streamed from the Net on your smartphone or tablet!

 It's the war ! Between Google and Apple, that is one that will be the most innovative to conquer the smartphone market. With its Android system, Google won an important round in spring 2011. Since then, devices with Android can accommodate the Adobe Flash Player. Flash is an integral part of the Internet today and it was surprising not to use it on tablets and other smartphones.

Formerly, when you fall on a flash content when you stroll on the canvas, you find instead a white square with a Lego cube. This symbol meant that you did not have the necessary plugins to access the content. Flash Player now available in version 11.1 replaces the cube with a green arrow. Clicking on it you access to video or games like on your particular computer.

Since version 10.2, the Flash player is compatible with a wider range of devices. This version even supports hardware acceleration of the latest smartphones and tablets. In other words, it is possible to stream videos in high definition. No doubt that with this advanced compatibility, Android phones have a good head start on iPhones. 

Adobe Flash Player download
Learn how to send SMS/MMS to several people at once on android using Hangouts
Abandoned by Google, SMS / MMS Manager natively on Android is really not practical to send the same message to several people at once. The replacement, Hangouts, attempts to facilitate this action which nevertheless appears so simple.

With the advent of Android 4.4 KitKat, there is an eternity already, Google has tried to replace its manager SMS / MMS with Hangouts, instant chat tool. Disappointed change, many users have remained faithful to the old solution ... far from perfect, however. Indeed, the transmission of a single SMS message to multiple contacts proves tedious. You must know the exact name of the people you want to send. Unable to browse the list of contacts, and search names like, mom, grandma, auntie, uncle and zizou directory on your ... Unfortunately, this increases the chances of forgetting someone.

With hangouts, by pressing a single button gives you access to all your directory. Pre-select the contacts you want (as many as you wish) to integrate the list of people who will receive your SMS / MMS. Easy! Just know where this is going.

Download Hangouts
Transform your android device into a guitar with Amplitude UA
With rack combining emulation amps and effects pedals, AmpliTube AU, UA housing combined with iRig, you can play the guitar or bass in silence on your android device. Amplitude is an ultimate accessory for music lovers who don't own a guitar.

Google is fast advancing, compared to Apple, in terms of real-time processing of sound. Calvary for musicians wishing to MAO via Android, latency, with Android Lollipop, reach acceptable levels (less than 2ms). So manufacturers to change their minds musicians who swear by apple. New accessories binders and music appear on the Android market. This is the case of the iRig AU kind of external sound card in the form of a housing sold € 99.99. Once connected to your guitar via 6.35mm, simply to plug on the headphones port, earphone (or speaker). Thus, by connecting it to your smartphone that turns the UA AmpliTube app, you simulate a variety of amps and effects.

 Amplitube AU: full rack effects

AmpliTube offers twenty AU effects and amp models for your guitar or bass. In-app purchases allow to increase this total to 43. In the latter, the user will find the known modeling amp (Fender Twin Reverb, Orange Tiny Terror ...). No need to go to the cashier for fun. Starting presets can be edited and saved again on free sites. What is easy to rack up his personal travel.

Download Android UA APK =>

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Hot game! Star Wars Android Download
Star Wars is an institution and can not count the number of the saga created around video games. The latest is "Star Wars: Uprising" published by Kabam. It bridges the gap between "Return of the Jedi" and "The Force Alarm".

Let us put us in history: Darth Vader kills the Emperor Palpatine, but died shortly after. Luke manages to escape just before the destruction of the Death Star. It happens on the planet Endor where rebels celebrate their victory. The film thus stops here, and it is unclear result. In the video game of Kabam, there is talk that the Empire did not collapse with the death of Palpatine and the resistance must always face the stormtroopers.

Star Wars: Insurrection, is a kind of MMORPG where all players compete Empire. So, cooperation is emphasized necessarily with the ability to customize characters and team. The choice of class is yours, but of course.

Assassin's Creed Pirates
We did not know what to expect by downloading Assassin's Creed Pirates. It's not easy indeed to imagine how such a prestigious game, and also intimately connected to PC and console game play could be properly adapted on Android.  In fact, it seemed impossible. This then is an understatement to say that Assassin's Creed Pirates surprised us: just always pulling, leaving the superfluous, and completely embracing the touch interface.
Assassin's Creed Pirates

 Before anything else, note that the game is priced at $4.88 and contains no in-app-purchase, no limit game, no pay to win.

Secondly, we must now warn you that if you hope to compare this game with it's series "Assassin's Creed," you may be disappointed. Assassin's Creed Pirates could just as well have indeed being named "Pirates of the Caribbean."  But it would not have made any difference. If you are looking for an excellent pirate game that will captivate you for hours and keep you sitted alone in your room, then this is the game for you.

In Assassin's Creed, this game has kept the naval battles of the fourth album, Black Flag. You can not run on ropes and jump from platform to platform to murder the captain of the enemy ship, but you will do everything else such as, shoot the ball, the barrel pivot, dodge enemy bursts, harpooning loot, accept missions, search for treasures.

Game modes galore 

Every stage of the game has indeed its own game mode.  Some of the basic game movements are; aiming and dodging, which are performed by tapping the finger on the phone screen, walk around the environment, treasure hunting is done at the telescope in "sniper mode", etc.

To furthermore, Assassin's Creed Pirates also has tactical aspects, as in the assassination missions, involving stealth killing to slip between enemy ships to reach a target, and which are played by plotting a course on the map, or management aspects, with the improvement of the ship, the crew, and the constant search for treasures.

 For all these reasons, Assassin's Creed Pirates is a good game. And it also has a nice gameplay. This indeed succeed to plunge into the atmosphere of piracy with its 3D graphics at the forefront of what is done on tablets, and its sound effects and soundtrack would get you thinking after "Pirates of the Caribbean" unprecedented.

Assassin's Creed Pirates is up for sure.

Listen to HQ radio channels online with Music Radio 6 seconds (Download now)
Music Radio - 6 Seconds is an Internet radio application of minimalist music, where everything is done with a simple drag of the finger. The direction of the drag are represents a particular action.

A small application that does not look, but that might just get a place among the streaming music lovers. The principle of Radio Music - 6 Seconds is simple: you are looking for an artist or title, and the application takes care of launching a radio trying to play the song. And given the number of web radios in the world, no doubt you will find what you are looking for. The originality of the app also comes from these gestural controls. It's free, unlimited and without surprises.

Next Lock Screen Android Security
Next Lock Screen is an android security guard developed by Microsoft teams Garage. The primary purpose of Next Lock Screen is to protect your android device from unwanted hands. The principle is simple, it's a lock screen that offers applications when you need it. The application locks your android phone when you leave your device without touching the screen for some time.
Android Screen Security
On an LG G2, sometimes the LG screen unlocks a second before Next Lock Screen. This only happens when Next Lock Screen is not running in the background (that is when you have cleaned your RAM either when you close the application). Task killers like Clean Master thus disturb its full operations a bit. Fortunately, it consumes almost nothing, less than 1% of the battery.

If you do not use necessarily the same applications at home, in the car, at work or at school this app will make your life easier! Getting started is easy, customization is good and the application is stable overall.

 So you have 3 modes: "At home" "At work" and "On the go". You can change the wallpaper and the applications you want to use in the current mode. Basically, the application provides a sample for each of the three modes. You can add or remove applications like the setup functions (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, rotation, flashlight).

It still lacks some features. Events, calls and messages that appear as notifications are opened with the native applications (LG messaging and calendar) and it is not possible to define the applications to open them. Right from your locked screen, you have the ability to recall the contact you have missed a call or simply delete the notification.

Lock Screen Setup 

 In the settings tab you have access to some parameters (basics, advanced and Privacy & Legals). In basics, you will find the unlock screen customization features. You can enable or disable the lock screen, change the wallpaper of the three modes and share the application with your network. You can also choose the number of events that appear in either, one, two, or all three.

The advanced tab contains three options: hidden apps that allows you to hide some applications, that is prohibiting Next Lock Screen to display the contents of the notification of certain applications. Manage calendar cards can choose the accounts managed by the application to display only the content of the agendas of the those that interest you. Finally, you can view your SMS without content, equivalent to a "private" mode.

 My opinion: an almost ideal application 

Next Lock Screen is a very interesting application, but the recency makes perfectible. A few glitches here, a few delays here and there. The inability to change the default application for SMS notifications and calendar  is the main defect point of this app. There should also be the ability to avoid using simultaneously, Next Lock Screen and the default lock screen of your phone, sometimes resulting in some minor annoyances. There should be a complain to the developers by pointing out that when one removes the notification of the call or SMS (or other) on the unlock screen, the notification can not be removed in the notification drawer your smartphone.

The application will delight those looking to organize their applications dice the lock screen. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is required at minimum, to use this application.

Hot! Android TV remote app
Do you want to use your android device as TV remote? The voice command, this is not your thing. This official Google signed application gives you the ability to use your Android device (smartphone or tablet) as a remote control on Android TV. Here, the app allows you to change the control type on the touch screen: a joystick for video games, a touch pad or a directional pad to navigate easily through the menus.

When you want to search for specific information, you can use the keyboard on your device or microphone to perform a voice command. There's no doubt, this application will prove much more convenient than your remote control box provided by your ISP.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Finally!!! PES 2016 PPSSPP is here (Full review)
I will give a review on PES 2016 Pro Evolution Soccer Android PPSSPP that may be useful for you all, because PES 2016 PPSSPP Android is certainly already eagerly awaited by fans Football Game throughout the world, of course.

Sweet dreams android application
Sweet Dreams is an excellent solution to quickly and easily manage an Android smartphone.  Discover the pending future developments and management of GPS settings with this app, because smartphones are now part of our daily lives!

Telephone, mail, internet, videos, music, games, calendars, are smartphone features which we can't do without. They accompany us to the bed daily. But overnight, to preserve its autonomy and limit potential harm regardless calls, mail and other notifications, the practice is that we change certain settings and functions before bed, and reactivate them manually one by one in the morning. Indeed, aside from the particular radical airplane mode, the settings of default profiles are missing the main android phones systems. However, Sweet dreams is here to make things easy. It's an excellent free, efficient and convenient app that make life easier for Android users!
Sweet dreams android application

Sweet Dreams allows you to go to sleep without worrying about settings on your Android phone and any other nocturnal ringtones and notifications. Well thought out,  this app will allow you to define a set of filters to create a customized sleep mode for your phone. To do this, you will be able to simultaneously disable WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G connections, EDGE, GPRS, ringtones and activate vibrate mode, the rapid extinction of the screen, but also to precisely adjust the volume of incoming calls and notifications.

Once the profile is created, you only define the filtering ranges for automatic start of sleep mode depending on the day and time. The application never cease its operation, regardless of the options chosen. To adapt to unforeseen situations in your daily life the sleep mode can be turned off instantly depending on several parameters. Via the tab "Location", you will be able to define a geographic area where the sleep mode can be activated, for example at your home. Your location will be obtained by triangulation using wireless networking signals detected by your WiFi antenna.

 Apart from the activation zone, your phone will not go into sleep mode. Likewise, via the tabs "Movement" and "Sound", you can configure the application in such a way that your phone does not enter sleep mode instantaneously, if the background noise detected movements and exceed the selected sensitivity level. To benefit from these functions detections without harming your self, you will be prompted to set the parameters of the next check interval, every 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

Moxilla Firefox android update review
Firefox Android version is effective, well thought out and has many advantages over most browsers. Especially its diverse support of various extensions such as, it supports HTML5 and good reactivity due to the advanced technology giving a perfect user interface. With Firefox, Mozilla is competing Google Chrome Mobile, Android's default browser, and the Norwegian duo Android Opera Mobile.
Mozilla firefox android version

Firefox mobile version has serious advantages. In addition to a good user interface, Firefox is back playing the card of customization with the management extensions and personas available via a management module to search for extensions in the official Mozilla. Also available is the famous secure synchronization tool "Firefox Sync" integrated by default in Firefox Windows, Mac and Linux.

Subject to the entry of identifiers, it can store important files such as; user settings, history, saved passwords and cache on its secured Mozilla server.  Another advantage of this browser is it open tabs quickly, both on Firefox Windows, Mac and Linux versions. The clear and authentic interface of Firefox Mobile and thoughtful layout of its modules are part of its reason of popularity. In display wise, it gives a full view of websites. At startup, the home page has tabs to find the previous session, tabs synchronized and two popular extensions. At the top is the smart address bar "awesome bar" for conducting research on engines Google, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc.

The left pane hosts the tab management interface and provides the ability to open new tabs, moving from one to another by clicking on the previews, and the tabs closes quickly. At right is the "favorites", the navigation arrows; previous / next, and the access button to the browser settings. Through the settings, you can access the modules managements extensions and downloads. Via the "Preferences" tab, you are allowed to customize the home page, enter their username and password "sync" to clear history, caches and cookies, and as well as to disable image display, activate JavaScript, enable auto password saving and enabling the use of cookies.

Firefox android version is a most use browser for all android device users.
Speed up your android device with Advanced Task killer
Through its multi tasking ability, Android allows users to run multiple applications on their devices simultaneous. When switching from one app to another, the software come into sleep mode. However, they continue to exhaust part of the Android phone RAM. In the end if care isn't taken, the most intensive applications starts experiencing difficulties. To quickly resolve this issue, I'm going to write about one of the best managers tasks available free on Android Market; "Free TasKiller"  This application will allow you to kill running background apps on your device, thus, boosting your phone speed. So you can free up valuable amount of memory, free more RAM, save your battery and optimize the performance of your phone.
Android speed booster

After installing and launching Taskiller, you'll see a full list of currently running apps (with their thumbnails), as well as the amount of RAM each app is consuming, and the remaining RAM in your device. You can simply click on one of them to 'kill' the application instantly. For your convenience, TasKiller is also available in Widgets to be easily accessible through your phone home screen. It comes in three different formats. The task bars "Task Bar" and "mini Task Bar" (which would display the thumbnails of the running apps). The third widget named "TasKiller" take the form of a button. It will display the number of applications opened simultaneously and will turn dark red when you have exceeded the limit of 6. More radical, they will take care to close all the processes and services with a single tap.

However, you can still protect important applications from getting killed (I disabled Whatsapp, Facebook and my browsers from getting killed on my phone). To do this, tap and hold an icon and select "ignore". As for preferences, you will be able to manage and reset the list of exclusion and even more interesting, to activate the automatic killing of all applications when the phone enters standby. On the same principle, you can disable automatic start of unnecessary applications from boot. This feature will prove very effective to bypass the unnecessary launch programs on every reboot, provided you have carefully protected softwares essential to the proper functioning of your android device..

Note: Before "killing" an application, be sure to save your work.

Scan barcodes with Android Barcode scanner
Barcode Scanner app is a must for quick access to download links found on many Android markets.
The QR code is extremely convenient. This symbol in two dimensions can store a much larger amount of information than barcode "traditional". Created in Japan and very popular in the Japanese regions, it can be used to share the details of a contact in a virtual business card, date and time of an event, an email address, GPS coordinates, a phone number, text, and of course an internet address. This last function is the most commonly used solution in the Android repositories, to redirect readers to a download link in the Google Android Market.
Android Barcode Scanner
This QR Code reader is effective and free for Android phones! Barcode Scanner offers fast read bar code QR on your Android device.  After launching the application, you simply aim the QR code with the camera of your phone and place it in the center of your screen in the transparent rectangle. The unit automatically will scan the code and the red line will start to flicker. Less than a second later, the software will show the stored web address and will prompt you to open it in your browser, to share it by email or send it by SMS.

In addition, it will alleviate you from the stress of scanning bar codes present on the items of trade. Although the analysis of the image is a little slower, the process will prove useful for comparing the prices of CDs, books or video games with "Google Shopping" but also to access product presentations and user reviews on Internet.

Play all video format with BSPlayer
A true and good video player that can play all formats. Pleasant even in audio use, we regret only smaller ad formats that come sometimes appear when browsing the menus. That said, BS Player is totally free, so we do not want him!

Watch your videos on a smartphone, this often means going through a converter to adapt its formats to its integrated video player. It is sometimes long and especially binding. Therefore, the installation of a third player can be a real bargain and BS Player is part of the good, even very good. At first start it is to present the different gestural features: zoom, play / pause, volume adjustment, brightness. All these actions are performed with one or two fingers of a real simplicity.

The second strength is its ability to read all formats. It is indeed difficult to find fault. The latter will accommodate avi, divx, flv, mkv, mov, mpg, mts, mp4, m4v, rmvb, wmv, 3gp and mp3 stride. This is to make blush native readers. In addition to this it will be possible to read the video streams (streaming) such as RTMP, RTSP, MMS (tcp, http), HTTP Live stream, HTTP. For those who wish or read their films in original version, BS Player supports internal and external subtitle files. Note finally the ability to create playlists, although coming for audio files.

Latest Instagram version review
Instagram differs from other photo apps with its vintage features for the exchange and sharing of photos and videos. Photos enthusiasts will find filters and effective tools on this application. With its millions of users, Instagram is more than a fad, with Facebook and Twitter, it is one of the most commonly used worldwide social networks. Try it now!
Instagram for android

With hundreds of millions of users worldwide, Instagram has become one of the third most important social networks with Facebook and Twitter. This is a free application in Android phones which allows users to take photos and videos, edit them and share them with contacts. Instagram works like a conventional social network, creating an account is the preliminary step to access the functionality of the application. The interface consists of several tabs: Friends which includes contact list, to view the Popular most viewed pictures on the network, which brings together all the Profile account information of the user and Share for taking pictures or videos, edit them and share them.

The Activity tab displays the news feeds and images captured by your friends. The shooting module offers the possibility to choose the camera type (front or rear camera), and activate flash. If the snapshot or video is appropriate, Instagram invites you to apply one of vintage filters from the twenty available effects. The user can then add a caption and location with snapshot, then share it on the social network.

Download IP Cam Viewer V5.0.4
IP Cam Viewer supports a number of impressive camera and although it does not prove to be so intuitive at first sight of the app is pretty simple to use. A good application with a lite version to try it and a pro version to believe!

IP Cam Viewer is an application for monitoring through camera (s) IP. The application is available for iOS and Android in a lite version (free with ads and without registration or audio) and Pro (without limitation).

Specifically, the app allows the connection and the display of a camera matrix. Note that previously it will have made them available by properly configuring your router (eg port forwarding). The application supports more than 750 camera models from many brands, RTSP input formats, H.264, MPEG4, ONVIF, the audio bidirectional (half-duplex) and SSL.

 If necessary the application will be able to record the stream transmitted by the cameras. While the interface is quite austere and the menu is not obvious at first use, it is clear that the use of the application is relatively simple (for a relatively technical area).

Download Latest Google Playstore V.5.9.11
Google Play Store is the reference application store on Android. With a near census of 1.5 million applications or media files to download, Google's developer is anchored in the wake of its predecessor model: the Android Market.

Google allows the blind via a search bar or various proposed classifications, SEO and downloading applications, games, movies, music, books and kiosk. Each file has its own card describing its characteristics, user opinions and sometimes a video is also decorated. To facilitate the purchase, registers your Play Store account with your data.

Finally, only if you have shared. Therefore a competitor to the Apple Store in iTunes. If the application is normally pre-installed on smartphones or tablets capable of hosting, it is always possible to download on different operating systems: one thinks of the CyanogenMod ROM or, for products that Mpman must install application.

Get the fast dolphin browser for android
Dolphin is a web browser designed for Android smartphones ergonomics and innovative functionality. Indeed, in order to stand out, MoboTap, Dolphin editor and its add-ons, opts for ergonomics and made about him through his Dolphin Gesture This feature makes it possible to navigate in "drawing" on your screen: for example by drawing a "G" on it the browser will redirect you directly to Google. These gestures are configurable obviously within the limits of the dexterity of your fingers, your patience and gestures defined by default in the browser.

Besides this unusual touch functionality, Dolphin integrates integrates other accessories but also less practical. Navigation is simplified by two pleasant and toolbars: left management of favorites and history and right (up and down) full screen, add-ons management and display various tabs open in mosaic. The tabs are, in turn, good size (even a bit too) and more ergonomic than in portrait mode Landscape mode (following the inclination of the smartphone) while scrolling them the finger is fairly easy. Then find the standard functionality here today on very recent touchscreen smartphone such as zoom and multi-de-zoom, fast access or ezine presentation of your favorite news websites.

An interesting browser therefore more by functionality and ergonomics than because razzle-l'oeil its Gesture function; trying and, according to his personal experience, to adopt.

WeTransfer : Upload large files online
For smartphone users who solely rely on Google Drive or Dropbox to share large files, a new solution available to them.

WeTransfer, service via well known browser, has launched its application. After installing WeTransfer, just follow two steps: select photos and videos to transfer and inform its own email address and the recipient. It will then receive a download link redirecting to the service website, while the user will have a confirmation email. A share button is also added to other photo management applications.

10GB file can then be sent, but it will take time. For example, three minutes are needed with a good connection to send 100MB files. Note that the operation can be paused and resumed later. WeTransfer does not support sound files. Only pictures and videos are supported. Level ergonomics, this application is perfect: it is very intuitive despite the fact that it is not translated, and resumes the excellent aesthetic codes of the browser version.

Lara Croft : Relic Run android download
Published by Square Enix, Lara Croft: Relic Run is a racing and action game available on iOS and Android.

The famous adventurer is back in action with a purpose could not be more simple: go as far as possible by avoiding the pitfalls (holes, obstacles, enemies) to accumulate money and indices. The money can buy different weapons (dual guns, crossbows or grenade launchers), outfits and improvements or bonuses. The clues as to allow them to accumulate relics.

After a number of these, the player can then unlock the other levels (currently 3 in number, "Jungle Temple", "Desert Ruins" and "Mountain Pass"). Lara Croft: Relic Run stands out from its competitors with original gameplay footage: piloting vehicles or enemies that will need emptying his clip for example. To use his weapons, then simply point the enemy by pressing the screen. Social side, the application offers to share high scores on Facebook or send curses his friends (to destabilize and prevent them from competing with you in the standings).

To revive, you will need gems. A course resource available in limited quantity that can be bought with real money.

Lara Croft : Rrlic Run apk
Lara Croft : Relic Run data file
WIFI Finder for android
Everybody is not fortunate enough to have unlimited mobile plan data in a 3G card for his laptop or a phone capable of sharing its (slow) connection. In order not to be cut and devoid of the Internet, WiFi is a solution and hotspots are relays. But then, how to know where to position themselves, what bar or on what place to go to find the famous signal? Available free for iOS or Android, Wi-Fi Finder is the answer to this question, since you'll never be without a network!

 Performed rather well this application will therefore, via geolocation to find the closest WiFi network user terminals whether open access or in a restaurant, cafĂ©, etc .. it also will filtering gateways between networks pay, free, or both ("Both") or by ISP. Interesting option; you will be able to download the database of access points in order to, offline, find all the available networks. If the user can not be geotag, it may indicate the address or the postal code of where it is located.

 It will be finally possible to add hotspots manually if the user is again to complete the basic editor. The Android version will also help to detect nearby networks and indicate their direction, their intensity, their name and if it is secure or not! A nice feature in addition to the users of smartphones equipped with this system.

Drastic DS emulator free download for android
If the Nintendo DS emulators are legion in the Play Store, most of them fail to provide a sufficiently fluid gameplay and stable to be relevant. This is not the case Drastic that despite some bugs, delivers very good display performance and allows an enjoyable gaming experience. To launch a title, simply indicate to the application the directory where you placed your roms.

The program is also distinguished by the extensive customization it offers, including its displays and its controller. You can define their size and layout yourself or choose one of the proposed models. A configuration that can be taken in globally or specifically addressed for each game; ideal since the use of the multi-screen differs from one game to another.

During the game, a button allows you to access some basic features: mute, unmute the microphone, turbo mode, save or load a game, swap the screens or access the settings. These latter are-many between the video settings (speed, graphic filters, etc.), audio (volume, latency, etc.) or linked to the controller (opacity buttons, deadband, external controllers configuration, etc.). Note the opportunity to play in landscape mode, as well as set a default language for multilingual games.

Unfortunately, the free version of Drastic allows only 30 minutes of daily play and prohibits backup your games. Turn to the full version to 4.49 euros seems inevitable if you want to extend the experience. If you do not have Android device, you can turn to DeSmuME available on Windows and Mac OS.

Snapchat : Share photos with friends
Snapchat allows users to send photos via a wireless connection. Once opened, the images are displayed during a fixed period and then delete themselves.

The user can choose how long his photos will be visible to his correspondent, with a maximum of ten seconds. There may also add text to sixty characters, and draw on it. Recently, it is possible to send short videos which will also be temporary. IM side Snapchat has gained popularity with its latest update. Users can now chat, by writing longer messages. By cons, those texts are not temporary.

Finally, the user has the ability to add pictures taken his story, a sort of timeline. These will then be available for 24 hours, contacts, or everyone by setting parameters. Visually, Snapchat is very clean. But this does not necessarily in his favor: Some features are hard to find, making it very intuitive application.

Enhance your android performance with CCleaner
 CCleaner, a software for Windows the most downloaded task cleaner is set to conquer the smartphone with this version of CCleaner for Android.

The concept is the same as on computer: optimize system via a smart vacuum cleaning. To do this, CCleaner will analyze the system to allow you to easily delete the cache of the most demanding applications, browser history, downloaded files and disable unnecessary third party services.

In each of these sections, it is possible to select what to clean or not; sorting by "size" will help greatly. Note further that CCleaner sets aside applications that allow itself to carry out cleaning in the parameters. The app also provides an Application Manager to uninstall apps from its lot. A more practical function. Finally, the user can check its information systems: CPU usage, RAM, internal storage and battery on the same screen. The CCleaner interface on Android smartphone is simple and convenient. The gain, in turn, is relatively easily measurable especially in terms of storage space. Yet he sometimes require the user to make some sacrifices.