Sunday, 28 June 2015

How to Play PSP games on Android and Iphones
PSP also known as Play Station Portal is a gaming device produced by Sony PlayStation.  PSP is programmed in such a way that it's compatible with all versions of PlayStation games ranging from PlayStation 1, 2, 3 to the latest.  The device is very cool to game with because it was programmed exclusively for playing games.  It has a nice keyboard pattern with four buttons on the left side (Square [left], Circle [right], Triangle [up] and X-shaped button [down]).

Play PSP games on android and Iphones
 A joystock-like button on the lower left, and four buttons(left, right, up and down arrows) positioned just above the joystick.  Also attached to the left and right are "L" and "R" buttons respectively.  This well defined game button pattern makes gaming on PSP smooth, spectacular and easy to play.  All the button PSP buttons reserves a definite function.  This is why many game lovers go after the PlayStation Portal device.  The structure of PSP is just like a normal PlayStation gamepad.  All the buttons on PlayStation gamepads are available on the device. PlayStation Portal is just like a gamepad with a display screen fixed in between the game buttons. That is, the screen is positioned at the center of the gaming device.

You can play all High Definition games on PSP.  This makes the device enviable, as you can play games swiftly without any slagging, or control difficulty.  This is the reason why most smartphone users and game lovers go after PSP.

If you are an android or iPhone user and you love the game display, easy control and spectacular graphics of the PSP device, then count your self lucky because you can play PSP games on your device using an emulator called 'PPSSPP.'  PPSSPP emulator is available on android and IOS versions.

PSP is programmed to run games with .iso and .cso extensions.  And the PPSSPP emulator makes use of the same file extension.

To save data and memory space, download only the .iso game files.  .Iso ppsspp game files are compressed form of .cso files.  A certain .cso game file of 2gb is the same as the same of with .iso extension and memory of 1gb.

After downloading the emulator, download the .iso or .cso extension PSP games and save them to a folder.  You can copy the games to a certain folder for remembrance.  Or alternatively, after installing the PPSSPP software on your device (android, Iphones, windows, etc), navigate to your file manager and find PSP folder.  You'll see five folders; cheats, game, ppsspp_state, save data and system.

The 'Cheats' sub-folder contains all the cheat codes you apply on while playing a PSP game.

Game folder is meant to contain all .iso or .cso extension games.  These files are PPSSPP game extensions.  After downloading the .iso or .cso files, copy them to this folder (Game) so that the PPSSPP software can easily detect them.  To avoid tress of copying and pasting PPSSPP game files to this folder, just set the folder as your download destination before downloading the game file.

Save game folder contains game files that were saved while playing games on PPSSPP.  This is why i love this software.  You can save a game on a certain slot provided on the software while playing the game.  You can get back to the game and load the saved file at anytime.  The PPSSPP will trace the saved game file on this folder and use it as a restore point.

In some cases, the game files may be in zip format.  Then you must unzip/unrar the game files using winrar.  There is no need of opening the .iso or. cso files directly from your phone.  This is where the PPSSPP emulator comes in.  Simply open the emulator and locate the folder where you saved the .iso/.cso files.  Once you get to the folder, you'll see thumbnails of those games.  Just click on any of them to lunch the game.

Anytime you open PPSSPP emulator, it will automatically load files from the initial folder where you opened the first game.  That's why you should copy all the game files to one folder (game sub-folder on psp folder) so that you don't have to navigate through different folders to select a game.

Just like i stated above, one fascinating thing about PPSSPP emulator is you can save your games while playing them if you have emergencies.  You can also customize the appearance of the game through the settings tab.

Now go ahead and enjoy your favourite PlayStation games on your smartphones.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

How to install apps/games with large data files on Android phones
One thing is to get an android phone, and another is to know how to install apps on the phone.  Most apps exists singly as APK files, which is the default extension format of all android softwares.  While on the other hand, some other apps, majorly High Definition games are packed together with an APK file and a data file.  In such apps, installing the APK file won't make the app work.  A novice might just ignore the data file and install the APK file.  In such cases, the game will either crash or request for a data file.  Games with only APK files have simple graphics, though some are High Definition, but they can't be compared to those that have both APK and data files.
Install large apps on android phones

  If you've played HD games such as GTA, FIFA, Need For Speed, Pro Evolution Soccer and the rest on your android phone, you'll see that they have spectacular graphics, and are superior to other games that have only APK files.  Though they are easy to install, but you'll have to sacrifice to get something cool.  After this tutorial, you'll find it easy to install games that have data files.

  A data file consists of all important files of an app which are packed together.  It contains the instructions a high definition game needs in other to run smoothly.  This indicates that if you don't copy the file to the correct folder, the application won't work.  I will write a brief tutorial on how to install any app that has a data file on android phones. The tutorial is not hectic so don't worry, you can finish everything within 5 minutes.


  1. Winrar/Winzip or any other UNZIP software. 
  2. A sufficient free memory that is at least twice that of the app.  This is because you'll need to unrar/unzip the app, and extract it to a specific folder.  Insinuating that if the original data file of the app is 2gb, you need a free memory space of at least 4.5gb in other to extract the file. 
Note : The data file will be duplicated after extracting it, so you have to delete the original file to save your memory space.


  1.  Open Winrar (or any other unzip app).
  2. Locate a folder named "Android" on your SD card (External memory).
  3. Open the folder.  You'll find a sub-folder named "data."  Just ignore it.
  4. Create another folder and name it "obb."  Now, you'll be having two sub-folders under "Android" folder, namely; "data" and "obb."
  5. Still on Winrar ( Or the unzip app), locate the folder where you saved the data file of the app.
  6. Open it and extract the folder you find inside to "obb" sub-folder on "android" folder.
  7. Wait a few minutes for the  extraction to complete.
  8. You'll now have a sub-folder in "obb" folder, containing the new data file you extracted.
  9. You can backup the original data file on your PC and delete the other from your phone, to free disk space.
  10. Now go ahead and install the APK file.  Wait a few minutes for the installation to complete.
  11. You are done.
This is very easy to do, and I hope you won't get lost doing it.  If you do, kindly drop a comment and I'll attend to it.  After following the above steps, just launch the game and enjoy it.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Mortal Kombat X android version
  Finally, I'm flexing Mortal Kombat X android version after it's release on early May 2015.  It's quite an interesting game with an awesome graphics.  The game has an APK file of about 38mb, and a Data file of 1.58gb.  So this entails that, your android device should have a RAM of at least 1gb, and a free memory space of about 512mb (Or there about).  If your device does not meet these recommendations, Mortal Kombat X will definitely crash if you try to open it, or you'll experience some slagging during game play.

  As stated above, Mortal Kombat X Android version was released by Warner Bros and NetherRealm Studios early May 2015.  I’m a lover of Mortal Kombat games, and I’ve played the game on almost all devices except IOS.  The game is simple and cool, though you can’t move freely around the environment like some other combat games.  But don’t be bordered about that, because its display system helps you to have a closer and better view of the action during game play, and you’re going to enjoy that.
Mortal Kombat X Android Game

  Mortal Kombat X features two different modes, which includes; single player and multiplayer.  In single player mode, you’ll have to select three characters that will play against your opponents (computer).  While in multiplayer mode, you’ll be fighting against your friends, which requires an internet connection and app called ‘play games,’ which you’ll be prompted to download when opening the game for the first time.  Mortal Kombat is designed in such a way that you’ll have to select three players amongst your squad.  At first, you’ll have three default fighters, and you’ll unlock more fighters as you play and win combats.

  Unlike other games where game keyboard patterns are drawn on the screen, Mortal Kombat X  does not have such feature.  This can confuse a novice, because the control might seem difficult to the person, thus, making the game irritating.  Just like my friend, when I was about to download Mortal Kombat X android version, he told me that the game is just a waste of time.  What irritates him is, it does not have keyboard drawn on the screen.  He almost discouraged me, but I summoned courage.  I made up my mind to see for myself.  After downloading the game, I followed the instructions on it and wow!!!  It was great.  All you need to do is to be tapping and sliding the screen when either is recommended.  That’s all.  Nothing is difficult in playing the game.

  As I said earlier, some major characters can’t be used from the starting point, but you’ll have to play on, win matches, etc to unlock them.  The first player I unlocked is Sonya Blade.  She’s faster than the default fighters, though they’re all good fighters.  As you progress and win combats, you’ll win cards which may contain new players, upgrades, weapons or other boosts.  To me, Mortal Kombat X is the best series of Mortal Kombat games.  If you doubt it, go download it, play and see yourself the awesomeness of Mortal Kombat X.  What I love most about this game is you don’t need to spend anything.  Downloading is free, unlike some other HD games which you’ll have to buy before downloading.  Do have fun while playing the game. 

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Real Boxing Full Review
  Real Boxing was developed and published by Vivid games.  It was released on 18th September 2013.  The game is available on Android, IOS and PC.  I’ve played a lot of boxing games like Fight Night 2 and 3, Knockout Kings, etc.  Am a great fan of  boxing.  I love watching them on TV and also playing boxing games.  The only problem I had with boxing games was the graphics, I’d always wanted something real!!!  Years after the release of Real Boxing, I came across this awesome game and I was like…No!!! I’ve been missing a lot of fun.  My dream of playing a real boxing game has finally come true.
Real Boxing Android Game

  In Real Boxing, you’ll be playing as a novice, whose  aim is to beat the Pros, prove himself to the world and make it to the top as the World Champion.  The game allows you to choose a default boxer of your choice and customize his hairstyle, outfit, etc to fit your taste.  Though you can’t entirely create a new boxer, you have to choose from existing characters and transform them to new beings.  As a novice, you won’t be able to do most things; your performance are limited, until you advance to new stages.  You can also improve your performances by upgrading in the store.  It’ll cost you some bucks though.
  Real Boxing has options like quick matches, short campaign mode, mini-games, multiplayer, and of course, career mode; where you’ll start from the root and make your way to the top as a champion.  You can improve your performance by playing the training mini-games.  Prove to you friends that you’re a better boxer than they’re by challenging them in the multiplayer mode.

The game has an enhanced graphics with a technical game play.  Your major attack tactics are hooks, jabs, and uppercuts.  When your opponent strike, you either block or dodge to avoid damages.  The control isn’t bad as it features different modes such as the touch screen and analog stick.  If you aren’t okay with the touch screen control, try the analog control.  All the control schemes work greatly, kudos to Vivid Games for that.

  Despite the awesome game play of Real Boxing, the have a major issue of boxers names, just like Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 where players are assigned names which differ from their original names, perhaps, due to license issues.  So you won’t see great boxers to choose in the game.  This can make the game boring.

  As stated earlier, you can engage in mini-games to improve your speed, strength and stamina. After few rounds of mini-game training, you’ll get exhausted and won’t be motivated to play the mini-game anymore. Maybe, because the control isn’t hectic.  If you play Real Boxing over and over, you’ll realize that there are similarities between different characters, and also, the comments made by the announcer is the same.  But all these discrepancies can’t bring you down if you're a truly a fan of boxing games.  So you have to try the game.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Assassin's Creed : Altair's Chronicles
Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles was developed and published by gameloft in 2008 on the Nintendo DS and in 2009 on iPhone. Then, it was not available on android, but later on, it was made available on android. Credits to gameloft for that. You might have played the game on java phones or Symbian, but the graphics are nothing to write home about compared to it’s android version. You’ll play the role of Altair and utterly destroy the Templar Knights. Help Altair in finding an artifact called "The Chalice," which has the ability to put the whole mess to an end. You also have to use your abilities as an assassin to find the Chalice. Moving above the roofs can prevent some harm but sometimes, you may be required to move down the streets for specific missions.

Assassin's Creed : Altair's Chronicles
 You’re provided with many weapons such as Altair’s default sword, hook and bombs. You also have a secret weapon (a hidden dagger) that is used to silently kill enemies and prevent the guards from raising alarm. During game play, you’ll collect a lot of blue orbs that can be used for upgrades like; expanding Altair's health bar and Altair’s sword.

 Coming to the controls, I have no issues with them. The game is quite obvious and easy to play. The jump button and combat buttons works pretty cool, although the shield button position is not that okay. The game helps you to perform some automated actions, like scrambling up a wall, but some jumps are not . Assassin's Creed is spectacular, and I know you will like to play it. The costume of Altair and the textures on his robes are enticing. I have played Assassin Creed on Java and Symbian, and they were fantastic. Playing it on my android phone is cool. I love every part of the game, especially Altairs’s silent kill. That is the best way of moving without being noticed. But if you miss the kill, you’re in a big trouble because other guards will be alerted and you’ll have to do the fighting.
Avatar : The Game
Avatar is a popular movie almost everyone have watched, quite an exciting film. But this time, gameloft has given you the opportunity to explore Pandora as they brings Avatar to mobile games. This review is based on android platform. I give kudos to gameloft for this wonderful game. The game is well produced and the game play reflects to actions that took place on the movie. Avatar is one of the top HD action movie games on Android platform. The game is obviously a photocopy of the incredible world of Pandora in an explosion of blues and greens that just pops off the screen.

Avatar : The Game
In this game, you will play as Ryan Lorenz, who was sent to the planet Pandora to help a massive corporation plunder it for the element of "unobtainium," (according to the movie). Along the line, Ryan sided the Na'vis as he fell in love with a female Na’vis, thus, turning against the human pirates. You will be exploiting the native cultures and beauty of Pandora, as well as fighting against the human pirates. During game play, you explore Pandora's lush jungles. At early stages, you will be fighting against hostile wildlife, as they try to eliminate you. But as you advance, you’ll acquire a Na'vi staff and bow. Advance more, and you will start battling human soldiers and their machines. I’ll say it’s basically three major stages. Avatar feature different game play tactics, from exploring on-foot to flying on the back of a dragon-like creator called Banshee. During game play, you can earn wisps which you can use for upgrades like extra health and more powerful attacks.

 The most fascinating scene on the game is the Na'vi village, which acts like a hub. In the village, you’ll embark on simple missions for the Na'vi, such as scouting and collecting. In the hub, you do a lot of things, and also interact with the Na’vi. The more missions you play, the more the hubs increase. There is also this horse-like creature you use to travel in the game. The creature is really cute. Though the game control buttons are responsive, but it poses problems of poor level design and camera. This leads to quick deaths if you’re not careful as the distance between gaps or obstacles is not clear. The good news is there many checkpoints, so you can continue from the last checkpoint in case of deaths.

Sonic Dash Android Game
  Sonic Dash is another hot runner game that is available in all devices.  Sonic is a famous and renowned game that existed many years ago and is still ranked ahead of other games in its genre. The game is pretty cool, especially its lucid graphics.  Unlike Subway Surfers which has restricted movement, Sonic Dash allows you to run round the environment.

  Sprint all the way as you dash, jump and spin your way across amusing environments. All you’ll be doing during game play is dashing over and under obstacles with a high speed. Dash below overhangs and through enemies, jump over spikes and wind your way through the environment.  It is certain that you’ll make a mistake as the game speed reaches its climax.  Just like most games, you can continue from when you stopped by acquiring a single red ring.
Sonic Dash Android Game

  In Sonic Dash, you have no single-player missions to complete.  Your main goal is to earn as more points as possible to beat you friends in the leader boards, and also beat your opponents.  You can purchase red rings to make your way through the top of the leader boards (if you're lazy), the red rings are premium so it's going to cost you some bucks.  Manipulation of the leader board makes the competition to lose its trust and integrity because you can't determine the best player among your friends.  They might buy their way through the top class on the leader board.

  Each level in Sonic Dash ends with you jumping over an obstacle and immediately landing off the enemy's sight.  And if you fail, you’re immediately asked if you want to spend a premium ring to continue.   You can store the standard golden rings you collect during a run, and use it to purchase  power-up boosts on the shop.  Just like Subway Surfers, Sonic Dash feature power-ups like; head starts, ring magnets and a super dash boost.  You can also purchase coin doubler on the store.  The game is nice.