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Subway Surfers android Review

 Subway Surfers is another viral runner game you'd like to play.  It's in the same category with Temple run and Awesome Team Pro though what makes the latter (Awesome Team Pro) is its flight ability.  Temple Run and Subway Surfers lack the feature of flight.  All you'll be doing in Subway Surfers is to escape from your inspector as he will be chasing you alongside with his dog.  The main platform of this game is railway.  So you'll be running along the railway line.  Watch out for moving trains as you try to evade your inspector and his dog.  Your objective in this game is to run as fast as possible, leaving a huge distance between you and the inspector, and also try to get a high score.

Subway Surfers android
Perform acrobatics with jet packs and hover boards.  You've got to discover awesome kits as you run down the railway. It is an amazing action game with exciting graphics. Don't think of getting bored with it; you must be agile enough to scale through obstacles and collect the coins.  You can use the coins earned to purchase the boosts and other items that will help you get a better score.  You can improve your performance by purchasing different boosts from the store. Read on, I'll talk about the game store later.


The game is fully packed with amazing characters ranging from the slowest to the fastest runners, with a total of 15 characters.  Just like Temple Run and Awesome Team, only a single character is free, others are locked.  To unlock those characters, you need to have enough coin.  Just go to the game store and buy any of your preferred characters with the game coins.  The most costly character among the others is Prince K.  His worth is 980,000 coins.  That's huge.  Of course, he has the best abilities you'd need.  Tagbot and Brody are also one of the swiftest characters.  To leave a huge gap between you, your inspector and his dog, you need a swift player with great speed.  Am currently using Tagbot as my character, though I've tested the others.  But I think Tagbot is faster.  I'm yet to port to Prince K, when I earn up to 980,000 coins, or I can alternatively purchase coins in the game store.


Most characters have nice outfits and kits.  You can change the looks of the characters to your desired choice.  Though some do have a single outfit.  Most of the outfits are locked, so you need to unlock them either with coins or keys.  You can change the dressing code of your character to about 2-3 different colors depending on the character.


The game features many boosts/kits that will make you go really fast, like skateboards, hover boards, jet packs, etc. All the kits are locked just like the outfits.  You need to unlock them either with coins or keys.  Hover boards and Jet packs increases your coins during game play, while the skateboard is special.  It's special in the sense that it doesn't increase your coins, but rather, it saves your from dying during game play.  That is, if you activate it before you crash or get smashed by a train.  To activate the skateboard, just double tap your phone screen and it's done.  Skateboards are of different types, sizes and value.  The most valuable is Daredevil.  It costs 85,000 coins.  Hover boards and Jet packs boosts can't be activated during game play.  You can only upgrade the boost on the store and when you pick-up any of the Jet packs or Hover boards while playing the game, its expiration time will be extended.  This is obvious that the boosts (except skateboards) only extends the time of the hover boards, jet packs, coin multiplier etc.

                                              Join Friends

You can earn free coins of up to 5000 coins by simply connecting with friends on Facebook.  If you want to earn extra coin, just follow Subway Surfers on Facebook and you'll be credited with 5,000 coins instantly.

The video below is a short clip of Subway Surfers review.  I copied the embed code from my YouTube channel.  Watch YouTube review video below;

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