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GTA III 10 Year Anniversary full review

    Few years ago, High Definition games like Grand Theft Auto III were played on PC and PlayStation 2, and later advanced to PlayStation 3. How lucky we are to play such games on our mobile phones (android, ios) due to the rapid advancement in technology. Grand Theft Auto III was developed by Rockstar North, War Drum Studios and published by Rockstar Games. The game was fully released on 15 December 2011.
GTA III 10 Year Anniversary

 Grand Theft Auto III has a unique and spectacular graphics, and an attractive game play, making it one of the world's most popular games. As stated above, the game play is fascinating. Everything looks real, as if you are watching a movie while playing the game. Short clips are attached to each stage, making it more interesting.

A video clip screen shot from GTA III

  In the game start, you will see a short clip of how a gangster was betrayed by his girlfriend when they been were chased by the police, just after they finished a robbery operation. The guy was taken prisoner by the police and later escaped with his prison mate, after they got rid of the police guards that conveyed them on a vehicle.

 Now you will play as the gangster.  All you'll be doing is carrying out various illegal jobs and getting paid by your bosses.  While playing, you will always be attacked by hoodlums.  The police are always on patrol to arrest anyone who opposes the law, be it traffic, robbery or killing/beating up citizens.  So you have to watch your back.

 You get also earn commissions by driving taxis or conveying an injured citizen to a nearby hospital using an ambulance.  You can only work as a taxi driver if you have a cab in your possession.  The same applies to the medical services, you must possess an ambulance to carryout operations.  To toggle the taxi or medical service mode, just tap the steering button on your screen.  This button will only be visible if you're on a taxi or an ambulance.  You also have a limited time to undertake such operations.

    GTA III 10 Years Anniversary has a spectacular sound system.  You can make use of radio while driving a vehicle.  The radio has at least five stations.  So you won't get bored while rocking the hood.

Nothing is faultless. GTA III poses android and ios users some control issues. The buttons are responsive of course.  The problem is some devices have small screen display.  In such cases, the gamer won't be comfortable while playing the game because, his/her hands will block their view while playing the game as a result of the screen size.  An example of such devices is Tecno M3.

 GTA III features two driving control systems; using the virtual buttons as shown below on the screen shot, and tilting control system.  I'm used to the virtual button control mode.  So, i don't frequently make use of the tilting mode.  The choice is yours.  You can use the one that best fit you.

The game also poses time factor issues.  Some missions only allow a little time which isn't enough for one to complete the task.  For instance, the 'Grand Theft Auto' mission where you'll be required to steal five cars and bring them to a certain garage.  The time limit is only four minutes, and you have to deliver the cars unscratched.  If you eventually scratch any of the cars, you'll have to take it to a repainting shop where you'll do a job on the car.  The repainting job will also cost you some bucks.  Calculate the time taken to drive through the streets, maneuver traffic jam and repaint a scratched vehicle.  You'll see that  even five minutes isn't sufficient.

GTA III driving screen shot

Roaming GTA III streets on foot (Screen shot)

   Despite these problems, GTA III is still one of my favourite games.  I overcame all these issues especially the time factor by just overlooking them.  I kept trying and trying.  I just decided to skip the "Grand Theft Auto" mission.  I engaged on other bosses' missions and along the line, i was told to eliminate the boss who ordered me to carryout the "Grand Theft Auto" mission.  That was how i overcame.  One thing you should do while playing the game is to get rid of annoyances. Then you will enjoy the greatness of GTA III.

Grand Theft Auto III 10 Year Anniversary is very much worth playing.  And am sure you'd like to try it.  Simply go to Google play store and download it.  You can also search for the download link on Google.  Please note that the game's performance is based on your android phone RAM.  You a need a RAM of 1gb upwards for it to run smoothly.

 GTA III also has an APK file as well as a data file.  So you need a free memory space of about 2gb.
If you don't know how to install games with large files, that's games which has both APK and data files, such as GTA III;


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