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Angry Birds Android Game

Hi guys. Today, am going to review an android game called Angry Birds. Angry Birds is a popular game that is available on many devices such as IOS, android etc. It has a simple game play, in the sense that it has simple controls and cool graphics. Angry birds was developed by Rovio Mobile. 
Angry Birds Android Game

Let’s have a bit intro of Angry birds in case you're not familiar with this popular game. It’s quite a short story of some gangs of hungry pigs snatched away some eggs from birds. The poor mothers (The birds) were left with no choice than to embark on a rescue mission less their generation might the endangered. As I said earlier, the game play on the Android version is very simple. In each level, you will be provided with a fixed slingshot to fling the birds, that is, a single bird at a time, into the forts of the pigs in order to eradicate them. During game play, you will also be tasked with a secondary challenge of acquiring a three-star rating, which is dependent on the quantity of the pigs’ defensive materials you destroy. To achieve this task, you have to be perfect in your shooting skills. You only have about 4 attempts to make on each stage, so you ought to be perfect in your shooting.

 Each bird has it’s own unique ability,so during the game play you'll come across 6-7 birds, and each possesses a special power such as; multiply, explode, accelerate, dropping egg bombs, boomerang, and extra strength. But at the beginning of the game, only a single type of bird is available (with less power). When you advance, more birds would be provided to annul the difficulty of the stage. You will be given simple and lucid instructions when you begin the game with your companion kamikaze birds (which has special mid-flight abilities). The instructions are vivid in such a way that even a notice will find the game simple. Don’t get annoyed when the pigs laugh at you when you miss a shot. Funny right? of course it is.

 Compared to Maemo 5 and webOS versions of Angry Birds , you can’t get disappointed as the android look is better of other versions of the game. WebOS still runs on a low 480 x 320 resolution, resulting to the blurred graphics on the device. On the other hand, the Android version looks cool as it runs on a high resolution of up to 800 x 480.

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