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Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
On my last post on sports genre, I reviewed FIFA 2014. Today we shall take a look at another cool soccer game; Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 . To me, Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is nowhere to be compared to EA’s FIFA 2014. Of course, I’ve always enjoyed PES 2012 on PlayStation, but FIFA 2014 surpasses the game in terms of graphics, controls, etc on android platform.
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Android

 Pro Evolution Soccer has an outstanding graphics, but the images appears blurred on larger screens. It also has a stunted animation and doesn’t flow well when running around the field. Recently, FIFA established swipe control techniques into its button presses, taking the 2 button virtual controls and adding some much needed options to the control scheme. You need to swipe more for a powerful shot. While on the other hand, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 only allow you to hold down the button for a long time to effect a more powerful shot. This makes the game play hectic. In FIFA 2014, you can chip the ball over a defender or send a player on the run and pass to him. But this is not possible in Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 . The control of the game was not designed to carry out such tasks.

 There are a many teams and leagues in Pro Evolution , but the disgusting thing about the game is some of the famous/major teams are absent. It’s obvious that some top clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool or there likes may not be found on the game. Though such teams may be marked with a different name like the Manchester United, are listed named “Man Red,” for reasons best known to them, maybe licensing I guess. So If you don’t take a vivid look at such name changes, you are likely to conclude that those teams are absent.

 Despite these discrepancies, PES 2012 has some fascinating features such as; super challenges, etc. As I stated initially, it’s graphics and game play comes up short against FIFA 12 . The game is not bad at all, just that it’s counterparts surpass it both in game play, control and graphics wise.  Unlike FIFA 2012/2014 which require a minimum RAM of 1gb, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 doesn't need much RAM.  It can run smoothly on a device with only 512mb RAM.
Angry Birds Android Game
Hi guys. Today, am going to review an android game called Angry Birds. Angry Birds is a popular game that is available on many devices such as IOS, android etc. It has a simple game play, in the sense that it has simple controls and cool graphics. Angry birds was developed by Rovio Mobile. 
Angry Birds Android Game

Let’s have a bit intro of Angry birds in case you're not familiar with this popular game. It’s quite a short story of some gangs of hungry pigs snatched away some eggs from birds. The poor mothers (The birds) were left with no choice than to embark on a rescue mission less their generation might the endangered. As I said earlier, the game play on the Android version is very simple. In each level, you will be provided with a fixed slingshot to fling the birds, that is, a single bird at a time, into the forts of the pigs in order to eradicate them. During game play, you will also be tasked with a secondary challenge of acquiring a three-star rating, which is dependent on the quantity of the pigs’ defensive materials you destroy. To achieve this task, you have to be perfect in your shooting skills. You only have about 4 attempts to make on each stage, so you ought to be perfect in your shooting.

 Each bird has it’s own unique ability,so during the game play you'll come across 6-7 birds, and each possesses a special power such as; multiply, explode, accelerate, dropping egg bombs, boomerang, and extra strength. But at the beginning of the game, only a single type of bird is available (with less power). When you advance, more birds would be provided to annul the difficulty of the stage. You will be given simple and lucid instructions when you begin the game with your companion kamikaze birds (which has special mid-flight abilities). The instructions are vivid in such a way that even a notice will find the game simple. Don’t get annoyed when the pigs laugh at you when you miss a shot. Funny right? of course it is.

 Compared to Maemo 5 and webOS versions of Angry Birds , you can’t get disappointed as the android look is better of other versions of the game. WebOS still runs on a low 480 x 320 resolution, resulting to the blurred graphics on the device. On the other hand, the Android version looks cool as it runs on a high resolution of up to 800 x 480.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Blood Brothers 2 android game update review
Blood Brothers 2 was published by DeNA few years back but has been updated with some new feature. One of such upgrades to the game is the new Guild system which is pretty much as it sounds. The Guild system allows players to merge together to create their own collective guilds. The game is also packed with a new chat function for the Guild system as players within the same guild can interact. Being a member of a guild also has some benefits to your character and game play.

Blood Brothers 2 android game
Guild members can now engage in shared 'Masteries', where all guild members contribute to collective statistic boosts and new skills. The fascinating thing about the guild system is when a new player joins a guild, he will be rewarded with everything the guild has earned so far, so new players won't be left behind, as he has nothing to lose. If any guild member makes an In-App purchase, all the guild members will receive an instant gift as regarding to the member's purchase.

There was also an upgrade on daily bonuses and rewards which include; daily Bonus Stages (seven daily dungeons rotate on a weekly basis, giving players an easier way to obtain rare items like Cavalry Souls, Undead Souls, Gold, and Gear), daily Themed Pacts (each day a new themed Pact will be available for players to purchase specific Commanders, including Race of the Day, Affinity of the Day and more) and random Rewards (on every stage completes, treasure boxes with a variety of in-game rewards will now be randomly dropped) There is also a new update called "From the Ashes". This is a new PvP- based series where players can compete in Arena Mode for substantial rewards like new Legendary Commanders. That is, if you are a member of a guild, all the points your guild you and your guild mates earn get you guys additional rewards for being one of the top guilds in the "From the Ashes" event secondary leader board. If you're still having an outdated version of blood brothers 2 on your android device, then it's time to download the update. And if you don't have the game on your device, go get it from google play store.

FrontLine Commando
Frontline Commando is also another cool android game. Merely looking at the game, it can be under-rated as it is a console-style third- person-shooter game. But try the game for some minutes and you will realize that its appearance is deceptive. The game is simple and splendid. All you need do is tap a button to move between positions of cover. The game allows you to find a suitable position to attack from rather than roaming around the environment. Bullet reload button is fixed along side with navigation, gun-swap and fire button. You can also wear an armour to absorb damage during game play. The Armour and various equipments can be purchased from the game store with game coins.

Depending on the game type, each level will be completed when you reach a specific kill, destroy all enemies or stay alive until a given time elapses. Frontline Commando makes the job easy as you can easily fire head shots with confidence. You can also use a sniper for accurate distant shooting or huge weapons to destroy many enemies at a time. But the disadvantage of such heavy weapons is you can kill a civilian, thus, leading to failure on a mission. Heavy weapons also makes the game easy as you can complete ascertain stage within a short period of time. The game is graphically enhanced to fit android phones, giving it a nice look on smartphones. In case you get stranded due to the toughness of a stage, you can call-up rocket launchers to finish the job.

 One of the limitations of the game is major heavy weapons and protectives such as guns, armored vests and airstrikes can only be purchased. So if you don't have the cash, then such weapons cannot be at your reach. But for some people who are ready to pay in other to get the best out of any game, purchasing items on game online stores mean nothing. You can also get essential health kits only with premium Glu Credits. That's weird. Some says Frontline Commando poses technical issue on some android devices but I have not experience such.

According to some people, when high number of enemies emerge, the engine struggles to cope, and the touchscreen controls often struggle to keep up too. Using a sniper can only be helpful on a far distance but are almost useless when you are faced with furious enemies attacking nearby, though the distance varies with various android devices. Frontline Commando is a nice game. Feel free to try it out. Am certain that you would like it.

Need For Speed most wanted android game
Need for Speed Most Wanted is a popular car racing game available in various device categories such as PC, smartphones (Android, IOS, etc) and regular mobile phones. But my review is based on android platform. The game has an awesome HD graphics, and a lucid game display. NFS (Need For Speed) races are categorized as stated below ; the normal six-car race, one-on-one, time trials, and checkpoint races.
Need For Speed most wanted android game

 You can earn speed points and unlock new cars as you advance to new stages. Locked cars can be unlocked with cash (in-game coins), which you earn by winning gold, silver, and bronze awards in races ( 1st, 2nd and 3rd places respectively). Coins can also be gotten through in-app purchases, that is, if you are the lazy type. Cars can be customized to your favorite looks through paint jobs, and performances can as well be enhanced through the car shop where you purchase vehicle parts.

 Need For Speed is packed with spectacular graphics. It features many game play effects such as Lighting, reflections, sparks and dust.  The game has an excellent soundtrack which keeps you rocking throughout your races. The game has a cool sound effect as the sound is designed to portray what's happening, especially at the climax of the game play, when you're rolling on a very high speed. Coming to the control section, I personally think the control isn't bad. Need For Speed has a memory capacity of 2 GB once everything is installed on your android device. The game features two control modes;  tap-and-drag steering system and tilting mode.

 Some major control systems of the game includes; upward swipes employed for activating nitro speed boosts, right-side taps to drift around corners, and left-side taps for the breaks. Have it in mind that all you're going to do throughout the game play is taking sharp turns, timing boosts, and avoiding obstacles, looking out for floating power-ups, and taking down opposing racers.

 In Need For Speed Most Wanted, you get a fancy name for a scoring leader board with your friends termed, ''cross-platform Speed wall". Speed walls are available for every challenge. The top scorers make it to the 'Most Wanted list', so you have a lot of jobs to do if you really want to make it on the list. You can also connect with friend through EA's social gaming network, Origin. Origin is a cool spot to get online game competitors, though there have being a lot of complains that the social gaming network poses problems to connect. Though NFS is spectacular, but it still lacks something; multiplayer. Multiplayer allows you to connect with nearby friends through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so you don't need to connect to the internet to compete with friends.

The game has cars with brand names whose categories are; GT, muscle, and sports. That is really good thing to hear. If you eventually collide with another car at a very high speed, you may end up having Some scratch on your car paint, a dangling bumper, a broken windshield, or you may lose your speed if your tire gets bursted. If any of these happens, it is quite obvious that you're out if the game.

 Need for Speed Most Wanted has a superb graphics while compared to some other racing games. The game is really fun, and everybody would love to play it.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

GTA III 10 Year Anniversary full review

    Few years ago, High Definition games like Grand Theft Auto III were played on PC and PlayStation 2, and later advanced to PlayStation 3. How lucky we are to play such games on our mobile phones (android, ios) due to the rapid advancement in technology. Grand Theft Auto III was developed by Rockstar North, War Drum Studios and published by Rockstar Games. The game was fully released on 15 December 2011.
GTA III 10 Year Anniversary

 Grand Theft Auto III has a unique and spectacular graphics, and an attractive game play, making it one of the world's most popular games. As stated above, the game play is fascinating. Everything looks real, as if you are watching a movie while playing the game. Short clips are attached to each stage, making it more interesting.

A video clip screen shot from GTA III

  In the game start, you will see a short clip of how a gangster was betrayed by his girlfriend when they been were chased by the police, just after they finished a robbery operation. The guy was taken prisoner by the police and later escaped with his prison mate, after they got rid of the police guards that conveyed them on a vehicle.

 Now you will play as the gangster.  All you'll be doing is carrying out various illegal jobs and getting paid by your bosses.  While playing, you will always be attacked by hoodlums.  The police are always on patrol to arrest anyone who opposes the law, be it traffic, robbery or killing/beating up citizens.  So you have to watch your back.

 You get also earn commissions by driving taxis or conveying an injured citizen to a nearby hospital using an ambulance.  You can only work as a taxi driver if you have a cab in your possession.  The same applies to the medical services, you must possess an ambulance to carryout operations.  To toggle the taxi or medical service mode, just tap the steering button on your screen.  This button will only be visible if you're on a taxi or an ambulance.  You also have a limited time to undertake such operations.

    GTA III 10 Years Anniversary has a spectacular sound system.  You can make use of radio while driving a vehicle.  The radio has at least five stations.  So you won't get bored while rocking the hood.

Nothing is faultless. GTA III poses android and ios users some control issues. The buttons are responsive of course.  The problem is some devices have small screen display.  In such cases, the gamer won't be comfortable while playing the game because, his/her hands will block their view while playing the game as a result of the screen size.  An example of such devices is Tecno M3.

 GTA III features two driving control systems; using the virtual buttons as shown below on the screen shot, and tilting control system.  I'm used to the virtual button control mode.  So, i don't frequently make use of the tilting mode.  The choice is yours.  You can use the one that best fit you.

The game also poses time factor issues.  Some missions only allow a little time which isn't enough for one to complete the task.  For instance, the 'Grand Theft Auto' mission where you'll be required to steal five cars and bring them to a certain garage.  The time limit is only four minutes, and you have to deliver the cars unscratched.  If you eventually scratch any of the cars, you'll have to take it to a repainting shop where you'll do a job on the car.  The repainting job will also cost you some bucks.  Calculate the time taken to drive through the streets, maneuver traffic jam and repaint a scratched vehicle.  You'll see that  even five minutes isn't sufficient.

GTA III driving screen shot

Roaming GTA III streets on foot (Screen shot)

   Despite these problems, GTA III is still one of my favourite games.  I overcame all these issues especially the time factor by just overlooking them.  I kept trying and trying.  I just decided to skip the "Grand Theft Auto" mission.  I engaged on other bosses' missions and along the line, i was told to eliminate the boss who ordered me to carryout the "Grand Theft Auto" mission.  That was how i overcame.  One thing you should do while playing the game is to get rid of annoyances. Then you will enjoy the greatness of GTA III.

Grand Theft Auto III 10 Year Anniversary is very much worth playing.  And am sure you'd like to try it.  Simply go to Google play store and download it.  You can also search for the download link on Google.  Please note that the game's performance is based on your android phone RAM.  You a need a RAM of 1gb upwards for it to run smoothly.

 GTA III also has an APK file as well as a data file.  So you need a free memory space of about 2gb.
If you don't know how to install games with large files, that's games which has both APK and data files, such as GTA III;


Sunday, 17 May 2015

Team Awesome Pro

Team Awesome pro is another runner game from Ezone.  Its game play system is mainly in fast motion as all you'll be doing is running, jumping but what make it distinctive is flying. Yeah!!! I'm fund of the game because of the flying stuff.  While running on skyscrapers, railways and even inside the houses of citizens, you'll be tasked with helping needy people, catching robbers and recovering stolen money, putting-off fire on a flaming house, finding missing stuffs such as cats, destroying UFOs and robots that are terrorizing the citizens and many more tasks. The game is really pretty cool.
Team Awesome Pro

  While starting the game for the first time or after unlocking a new character, you will see a short play of how the character transformed from a bar-cleaner into a member of Team Awesome (an instance), depending on the character though.  For instance, if you unlock 'Speedster', you'll see how she transformed from a dentist  apprentice into a Team Awesome Star. This short episodes entices me, I always want to review the episodes again and again.

  Team Awesome pro is packed with encouraging features like guaranteed free daily 500 coins.  Unlike some of it's game type where you have to work to earn coins or purchase coins, Team Awesome gives you a guaranteed free daily coin which you can use to boost your performance during game play, as well as unlocking characters.  So this coin is obviously a bonus because you didn't actually work for it.  The game is easy to play in the sense that even newbies can earn huge amount of coins and other boost during game play. Some games can only give you a bonus after you've completed few missions, but Team Awesome Pro doesn't work that way. Once you launch the game, you'll be credited with an instant 500 coins. Even if you don't want to play the game, you can exit after collecting your daily coin. The game is time based, that is, you have a limited time to carryout missions and earn coins. Though there's no physical count down timer on the screen. But once your time is almost up, like less than 1 minute remaining, you'll get a notification that; "Awesome is on the way, do you want to extend your time?". You can select yes if you Want to buy extra time buy you need to have enough coin. Each extra time cost 500 coins. Once your time has elapsed, your Awesome ship will arrive and you'll fly inside. While playing the game, you have to look out for two crystals; blue and red.
Go after the blue crystal because it's like a fuel, that is it increases your flight time.  So make sure that this blue crystal bar doesn't empty.  If it does, your flight machine will definitely explode.  Thus, your game will be over.   Just like the extra time, if your crystal bar is almost emptied, you'll get a notification whether you want to buy more blue awesome crystals.  If you have enough coins, just click yes and your bar will be restored.  It also cost 500 coins.

The red crystal is just an opposite of the blue ones.  They weakens your strength and causes the blue crystal bar to depreciate.  So avoid the red crystals.


 The game is packed with 4 major characters.  These characters have their various distinctive abilities.  They're all locked characters except Awesome Dude.  He's a default character and will earn you some coins which you'll use to upgrade to other characters.

  Awesome Dude is a default character.  He is multi-talented, that is, he has different abilities converged together.  He has no distinctive ability, but he's very good and fast for a beginner.

  Just like the name, Speedster is the fastest character on Team Awesome, she's got wings on her feet and runs faster than a car.  Choosing her means covering a greater distance before your time is up (before Team Awesome ship arrives), meaning you can earn a lot of awesome crystals and coins with her.

  No coin can resist his attractive pull.  Attractor makes the job easier for you.  There is no need of running after coins, the coins are attracted to you automatically.  You can earn more coins with this guy.  I choose him as my character when I'm running out of coins.

   Doubler multiplies each coin you earn during the game, insinuating that if you earn 2000 coins, you'll get your earnings multiplied by the same amount.  You also earn big with this guy.  But you have to go after coins manually unlike 'Attractor' whom coins automatically gets attracted to.  If you select Doublers as your character, go after as many coins as you can and after the game, you'll get all the coins doubled.

                                                    Power ups

You can improve your performance by simply visiting the store, buy new power ups with your earned coins or upgrade existing power ups.  If you don't have enough coins to upgrade power-ups, you can actually purchase coins online.  That's the game also features in-paid purchases.   You can purchase 10,000 coins with only $1.99.  Awesome crystals replenishes your Awesome boost and prolongs your flying time.  Same with other boosts in the store.  You can also get more coins with your earned coins by upgrading them.

You can also earn free coins by completing simple tasks like following Ezone on twitter, and some other tasks.

   Team Awesome is a cool game for both kids and adults.  If you are yet to play the game, hurry because you are missing a lot of fun.  You have many tasks to complete on each stage of the game.  One thing that fascinates me about this game is you don't need to complete  all three tasks in order to qualify for the next round.  Completing a single task out of three already qualifies you.  The game is fun, I must confess.

I did a review on Awesome Team Pro on YouTube.  The video gives you a detailed review of the game including the game play.  I dropped the video embed code below.  Watch Team Awesome review video below;

Hope you enjoyed the video.

If you love the game, why don't you try it out.

Friday, 8 May 2015

GTA III Game Cheats
The cheat requires a device that supports a keyboard (real keyboard with a tablet or virtual keyboard on a phone). On some android devices you can hold Menu for a virtual keyboard to appear. Then, enter one of the following codes during game play or while paused to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: To use the game keyboard on some devices, enter the "Settings" menu, then scroll down and change your hot key so that when you slide your finger on the screen, it switches from the game pad to the game keyboard.

Read this article : How To Apply Game Cheats On Android Phones

  Below is a list of the cheats;

ACTION                                                                            CHEAT CODE

All weapons gunsgunsguns
Extra money ifiwerearichman
Full health gesundheit
Higher wanted level morepoliceplease
Lower wanted level nopoliceplease
Tank (Rhino) giveusatank
Destroy all cars bangbangbang
Change costume ilikedressingup
Crazy pedestrians itsallgoingmaaad
All pedestrians attack you nobodylikesme
Pedestrians fighting each other weaponsforall
Disable pedestrians fighting each other noweaponsforall
Time advances quicker timeflieswhenyou
Toggle very fast game clock madweather
Faster game play boooooring
100% armor (unpatched version) turtoise
100% armor (patched version) tortoise
Clear weather skincancerforme
Cloudy weather ilikescotland
Rainy weather ilovescotland
Foggy weather peasoup
Invisible cars; wheels only anicesetofwheels
Disable invisible cars notanicesetofwheels
Flying car chittychittybb
Improved car handling; press [Shift] to jump                      cornerslikemad
Gore mode nastylimbscheat

How To Apply Game Cheats On Android Phones

Sometimes, playing a certain game can be boring when you get stuck during playing a game.  You have to keep repeating a certain level over and over again due to the difficulty of a certain mission. It really pisses me off.   To me, playing a mission over and over is a waste of time and consumption of my phone's battery.  This is because the joy gotten from playing the game as well as the enthusiasm has been lost.  On my former post where I reviewed GTA III 10 Year Anniversary, i highlighted the problems i encountered while playing the game.  Though the problem i faced on the game was mainly time factor, that is, inadequate time to complete a mission.
But game cheats made difficult games easy.  GTA III celebrated their 10 years anniversary with some cool cheats to make things easy.  Despite the GTA III cheat codes, the time issue wasn't solved.  I applied all the cheat codes i could think of but i couldn't alter the time.  Initially, i tried to stop the time from counting down but it wasn't possible.  I decided to try and slow down the speed of the time counter but i couldn't.  All i could do was to slow down the entire game speed which has no effect on the timer.  You may experience different similiar issues as mine.  But am sure cheat codes can go a long way to ease the difficulty of the game.  Just like GTA III, i can evade the police, get as much cars, weapons and cash as i need.  This is an advantage of course.

The sad news is since android phones don't have keyboard unlike PC, it really makes using cheats on android phones almost impossible.   That means a virtual keyboard is needed to input these cheat codes during game play.  This virtual keyboard is scarce among android phones.  Although some higher android devices has a virtual keyboard pre-installed on them.  If your phone is among such category, you can just hold the menu button while playing the game and the virtual keyboard will pop-up.  Then you can input the cheat codes.  Many people can't afford such devices, that is, they are financially incapable to purchase those devices.

 Am among this category.  My device  doesn't have a pre-installed virtual keyboard.  Initially, when I started having difficulties while playing GTA III, I went after cheat codes.  Having found the cheat codes, the issue became how to input them during gameplay.  Normally, you can only use android keyboard while dialing a number, sending text messages by either using the default message software or with applications like facebook, whatsapp etc.  But you can't use the android keyboard while playing games.  This was really a big problem for me.  I searched the web over and over but i couldn't find any solution.  One day, i was searching google playstore when i saw an application; 'game keyboard'.  Literally from the name of the application, I knew it should be used to type words while playing a game.  I wasn't sure though.  I decided to try it out.  I installed the game keyboard and I was required to set a dedicated key to call up the app.  I selected the upper volume button of my phone.  Then i went to my phone settings and selected game keyboard as my default input software.  I launched GTA III and started playing the game, then i pressed the upper volume key and the game keyboard popped up.  I typed a cheat code and it worked.  Wow!!! My heart was filled with felicity.  I started enjoying cheat codes on my android phone.

One good thing about the app is you can use it just like other keyboards.  It can be used to send messages, etc.  Not only that, it is very swift and responsive unlike some pre-installed keyboards where you will have to press a button twice before it will carryout its effect. You can download game keyboard here.

You have to set up the keyboard and assign a dedicated button to call it up during gameplay.  You also have to make it your default keyboard by locating;
  • Settings
  • Language and Input
  • Select game keyboard as your default input . 
Then whenever you press the dedicated key (e.g upper or lower volume key) the game keyboard will pop up.  Then you can type the cheat codes while playing the game.  Incase you used a volume key as the called-up button, to increase or decrease your phone's volume, just double-press the corresponding key.  If you press the button once, the game keyboard will pop-up.
NOTE : You can only use physical buttons such as the volume keys to call up the game keyboard.  Therefore, the application can only allow you to select physical buttons as call up keys.

As stated earlier, game cheats require keyboard because you have to input the cheat codes using a keyboard.  Game keyboard made the use of game cheats possible on android devices because the cheat
will be useless if you can't input it on your device during gameplay.  Download the app below;

Subway Surfers android Review

 Subway Surfers is another viral runner game you'd like to play.  It's in the same category with Temple run and Awesome Team Pro though what makes the latter (Awesome Team Pro) is its flight ability.  Temple Run and Subway Surfers lack the feature of flight.  All you'll be doing in Subway Surfers is to escape from your inspector as he will be chasing you alongside with his dog.  The main platform of this game is railway.  So you'll be running along the railway line.  Watch out for moving trains as you try to evade your inspector and his dog.  Your objective in this game is to run as fast as possible, leaving a huge distance between you and the inspector, and also try to get a high score.

Subway Surfers android
Perform acrobatics with jet packs and hover boards.  You've got to discover awesome kits as you run down the railway. It is an amazing action game with exciting graphics. Don't think of getting bored with it; you must be agile enough to scale through obstacles and collect the coins.  You can use the coins earned to purchase the boosts and other items that will help you get a better score.  You can improve your performance by purchasing different boosts from the store. Read on, I'll talk about the game store later.


The game is fully packed with amazing characters ranging from the slowest to the fastest runners, with a total of 15 characters.  Just like Temple Run and Awesome Team, only a single character is free, others are locked.  To unlock those characters, you need to have enough coin.  Just go to the game store and buy any of your preferred characters with the game coins.  The most costly character among the others is Prince K.  His worth is 980,000 coins.  That's huge.  Of course, he has the best abilities you'd need.  Tagbot and Brody are also one of the swiftest characters.  To leave a huge gap between you, your inspector and his dog, you need a swift player with great speed.  Am currently using Tagbot as my character, though I've tested the others.  But I think Tagbot is faster.  I'm yet to port to Prince K, when I earn up to 980,000 coins, or I can alternatively purchase coins in the game store.


Most characters have nice outfits and kits.  You can change the looks of the characters to your desired choice.  Though some do have a single outfit.  Most of the outfits are locked, so you need to unlock them either with coins or keys.  You can change the dressing code of your character to about 2-3 different colors depending on the character.


The game features many boosts/kits that will make you go really fast, like skateboards, hover boards, jet packs, etc. All the kits are locked just like the outfits.  You need to unlock them either with coins or keys.  Hover boards and Jet packs increases your coins during game play, while the skateboard is special.  It's special in the sense that it doesn't increase your coins, but rather, it saves your from dying during game play.  That is, if you activate it before you crash or get smashed by a train.  To activate the skateboard, just double tap your phone screen and it's done.  Skateboards are of different types, sizes and value.  The most valuable is Daredevil.  It costs 85,000 coins.  Hover boards and Jet packs boosts can't be activated during game play.  You can only upgrade the boost on the store and when you pick-up any of the Jet packs or Hover boards while playing the game, its expiration time will be extended.  This is obvious that the boosts (except skateboards) only extends the time of the hover boards, jet packs, coin multiplier etc.

                                              Join Friends

You can earn free coins of up to 5000 coins by simply connecting with friends on Facebook.  If you want to earn extra coin, just follow Subway Surfers on Facebook and you'll be credited with 5,000 coins instantly.

The video below is a short clip of Subway Surfers review.  I copied the embed code from my YouTube channel.  Watch YouTube review video below;

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Temple Run 2
Hi guys.  Today I'm going to review a very popular running game called Temple Run 2.  The famous Temple Run 2 is a fascinating game every android user would like.  It is easy to control unlike some other games which most most people dislike due to their difficulty.

The control system is just a straight forward process.  Slide up to jump over obstacles, down to slide, left to switch to a left path or right to switch to a right path.  Isn't it easy?
Temple Run 2 

  As you run the first 250m, you can slide sluggishly.  But when you advance to 500m or 2000m, you need to be faster than the game speed itself else you'll end up bashing your head on a tree, falling off the cliff, roasted on fire, drowning on the season or making a delicious meal to the beast that's after you. If you don't want any of these to happen, then you need to concentrate.  But of course you'll definitely crash while playing the game when you go really far and the game speed climaxes.   Well, don't be scared of starting all over again.  You can actually continue where you failed only if you have enough gem.  The gem is green in colour, so you have to look out for it while running. Though there are other similar crystals as the gem but their colours ranges from red to yellow.  You can also pick them up while running.  When you fill up the red gem bar, you can get special boost.  Sometimes, if you get a full gem bar and activate it by tapping the bar, you'll become unkillable for some seconds.  If you don't have enough gem, you can resume where you failed by watching a short video clip.  To do that, you must be connected online.  After failing, you need only a single gem to resume, but if you die again after using the first gem to revive yourself, you'll know need 2 gems.  If you die again, the amount of gem needed will double to 4,16,32 etc.  You can also cover a large distance from the starting point by choosing between two arrows pointing left and right, with the price of the boosts below each of them.

The coin you earn also has its bar.  Just like the red gem, if the coin bar fills up, you can cover huge distances by tapping the bar.

 Have you ever dreamt of been chased by a grotesque looking beast? running as if you are about to die, falling off cliffs and bashing on trees? Experience all these on Temple Run 2.  It's fully packed with inciting features which I would highlight and of course, with the download link.


Temple Run 2 has many features which will get the gamer enticed.  Coming to the menu, we have many features like store, free stuff down to settings.

  • Store : You can find many useful items in the store, but they are all paid items.  You can improve your performances such as speed and as well as multiply your coins.  Here, you can buy as many boosts as you can.  You need coins to purchase these boosts.  You can buy red and green gems in bulk with coins.  If you run short of coins, you can purchase it from the store with a little cash.
  • Free Stuff :  Here, you can earn free coins by completing simple tasks like watching a video clip would earn you a gem (which can revive you when in case you die in game play).  Simply follow Temple Run on twitter and earn 250 coins, and also completes daily and weekly challenges to earn cool items for free.
  • Artifacts : This is a store house where you can find all special items earned during game play.  These include rings, masks, florals etc.  You can find these special items while playing the game.  Though they're rare, but you'll find one after playing several rounds.
  • Objectives : Temple Run gives you new objectives after completion of the former ones. You need to complete such objectives with randomly assigned characters. Such objectives and the characters you're required to complete them with include; Fox Trot (run 50 000m with Scarlett Fox), miser run (Run 500m without collecting any coin), and others.
  • Upgrades/characters : Temple run is packaged with interesting characters such as Scarlet Fox, Guy Dangerous, Usain Bolt, Bruce Lee, Montana Smith, etc.  You have to purchase majority of these characters with variable amount of coins, depending on their abilities.  The fastest is Usain Bolt, followed by Bruce Lee, Montana Smith and down to the rest.  Guy Dangerous is the default character you'll be playing with before you upgrade to other characters.  Values are placed on each character during upgrade depending on his/her abilities.  Just as I said earlier, the top 3 characters are Montana Smith, Bruce Lee and Usain Bolt (In ascending other).  The famous Jamaican athlete, Usain Bolt is known for his running speed, which he also possess in the game, making him the fastest and most valuable character.  He is seconded by Chinese star, Bruce Lee.  He shows his acrobatic skills in the game such as tumbling while in the air.  Though he isn't as fast as Usain Bolt.
Temple Run 2 is my favourite running game.  And  I'm sure you'll like the game.

Monday, 4 May 2015

How To Increase Your RAM And Play HD games On Low End Android Phones

 It can be disgusting/frustrating to download a High Definition android game and after installation, the game crashes and close due to inadequate RAM.  Most low end android phones have very low RAM of 398mb and 512mb respectively depending on the phone.  Examples of such phones includes Techno, Huawei, Gionee etc.  Though you can get some models with up to 1gb RAM, at higher rates of course.  People rush into low end android phones because of their financial capabilities, thus, giving them limitations to some applications just like playing HD games.

So, game lovers becomes disappointed after buying such phones and are not able to use them to their taste.  Am a gamer, I can't spend a day without playing a game on my android phone.  Well, initially, I used to have same problems of low RAM, so I couldn't play most HD games on my tecno android phone.  I lost the joy of gaming.  I had many HD games on my phone but they were seldomly used because my RAM was quite low (512 mb).  

I later came across many apps that can boost a phone's RAM.  But many of them needs  a PC to set up.  You have to partition your memory card and map out some space which can be swapped when your internal RAM is exhausted.  Its not an easy job though, I had to leave those apps because I didn't have a PC, and the job looked tedious... am a kind of lazy.
   I finally came across one app called Rhoesoft RAM expander (root).  I didn't hesitate in giving it a try, and guess what!!!  It worked.  "This is what I've been looking for", I said.  I was so excited.  I increased my RAM up to 4gb, insinuating that I can play any HD game on my phone.  The fascinating thing about this app is it doesn't need a PC.  You need to install it directly on your phone and it'll do the job.

        What you need to know about Rhoesoft RAM expander

  • It's a premium app.  Rhoesoft RAM expander is a paid app from Google playstore, so you have to purchase it or you can get a free version by searching on google.
  • It works only on rooted (unlocked/jail-brokened) android phones. This is because it needs Super SU permission to carry out its activities.
                                                  How to set up

  •  After installation, open the app then;

Rhoesoft RAM expander set up tutorial

  • Select the swap size (depending on your free memory space) maximum size is 4gb.
  • Tick  perfect kernel and choose your desired size.
  • Tick auto-run.
  • Finally, tap activate.
After activating, wait for few minutes (depending on the swap file size) for the swap file creation to be completed.  When it is done,  exit the app.  You should now see the app icon on your screen.  If you reboot your phone, the swap file will be disabled.  All you need do is to open the app (rhoesoft RAM expander) and activate the swap file.  This time, you won't be creating a fresh swap file. It will take less than 5 seconds to activate.  You can alternatively activate autorun.  If you do, there's no need to activate the swap file because it will activate itself automatically.
  You can now play any High Definition game on your low end android phone.  Enjoy it.  

Download link