Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Highway Rider

My former post was a review of FIFA 2014, a football game. But today, I'll review a racing game called Highway Rider. You may have come across the game maybe on various playstores, but I assure you that the game is worth playing. Highway rider is a motorcycle racing game everybody would like to play. It is packed with splendid HD graphics, and it's easy to play. It has many features which I'll take about later. You main objective in this game is to get as more close calls as possible. Each close call gives you some points depending on how near you maneuvered the moving vehicles.The player has to ride very close to cars to earn points, this is what is meant by close call. The farther you move, the more close calls you get and also you'll earn more speed boost. The speed boost helps you to go very fast. Although close calls can earn you points ranging from 2-5, it endangers you to getting crash. And if you crash, you'll end up breaking your bones and getting a huge hospital bill of thousand of dollars, depending on the depth of the injury. Actually, the hospital bill is estimated so you're not going to pay a dime.

Highway Rider
You can't avoid close calls because avoiding it means earning lesser or even nothing. You may end up getting more boosts without earning a single point. You can use the points you earned while playing the game to purchase new items, upgrade existing ones and as well unlock items, characters and bikes.


Highway rider features about 8 characters, with Speed Junkie as the default character. You can unlock more characters with your points. If you don't have enough coins to unlock them, you can purchase bulky points online. Each of these characters have their own unique bike. That is, if you unlock any character, his bike will also be unlocked. This is an advantage because you won't have to unlock bikes separately. Therefore, it saves your points. Just like other games, the value of the characters depends on their abilities.

Challenge your friends online :
On Highway Rider, you can challenge your friends online and know who the best and fastest racer is. This feature isn't available on Temple Run, Awesome Team Pro and Subway Surfers. Therefore, it makes the game interesting and unique.

Share Replays/ Screen Shots of your crashes :
If you crash during game play, you can take a screen shot of the crash directly from the game. After playing the game, you can also watch a replay and share it with friends or public online. You can also share the clip on YouTube, if you have a YouTube account.

Increase your speed with speed boost :
Speed boost enables you to ride very fast. You can get one on the store but you need enough points to do that. You can also buy speed boosts online. Normally, you get boosts as you ride during game play. That is, the greater the distance covered, the more boost you get. The boost level can be monitored using the boost tank meter on the game screen. This meter is only visible while racing.

Complete In-Game Challenges Customize your Motorcycles and Outfits in the Shop :
You can change the outfit of your character as well as repaint your motorcycle in highway rider. This allows you to give a fitting match between the character and the bike.

Stages :
The game features four highways where you can race on. It also features three stages; Arcade, fugitive and multiplayer modes. As I stated earlier, you can challenge your friends in the multiplayer mode. Arcade mode features normally game racing. While in the fugitive mode, you'll be given a task which earns you about 250-300 points per task. Examples of such tasks are; complete 250m without crash and complete 500m without crashing. The fugitive mode is more challenging as the cops will be after you, trying to smash you. In this case, you have to evade the cops and their blockages. The cops uses their cars as road blocks to prevent you from passing by. You only have a little space to fit in on high speed. That is a Herculean task. But after the completion of each task in the fugitive mode, you'll be given a huge reward. Arcade mode earns you less than 5 points per call while you'll get 250-500 points after a successful task on the fugitive mode. So it's more better than the arcade mode, but tougher.

Camera view :
You can switch between cameras like far, near or invisible through the eye-like icon located at the upper right of your screen. Among the various view points, the far view is more preferable. This is because it gives you a clearer view ahead. And you can detect incoming vehicles on time. The near and invisible views gives you an elegant view of the highway. Though it looks beautiful, but you can easily crash because of poor sight.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

FIFA 2014 android game

 Are you looking for a soccer game with awesome High Definition graphics on android/IOS platform? Then you have to try out FIFA 2014.  It is among the top 10 android games you would love to play.  FIFA 2014 is remarkably spectacular in terms of graphics.  The first time I saw a friend playing the game on Iphone 5s, I was attracted to the game and wished it was available on android platform.  But guess what, I hurriedly went to google play store and typed the keyword; ''FIFA 2014'', and boom, there it was.
FIFA 2014 android game

I was overwhelmed with joy and shouted as if I won a lottery.  It may sound funny, but when you are engrossed to something, you will understand better.  As I was saying, I installed the game and experienced a superb HD graphics, lucid game play system and easy gaming.  FIFA  2014 just like some other games is a High Definition game with separate APK and data files.  So you need to unpack those files, extract the data file to a specific folder and install the APK file.

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For smooth running, I recommend devices with at least 1gb RAM.  You can also play the game on devices with lesser RAM but you'll experience slags or even crashes while playing the game.  A free memory space of 2gb is also required.  The game has a total memory of about 1.5gb (after installation of the commentary file).

If your android device meet these requirements, then go ahead and download the game.

FIFA 2014 is an in-paid game, meaning you're limited to few modes in the game.  The others are locked and you need to make an online purchase.  Modes such as penalty shootout and ultimate team are available for playing if you didn't unlock other stages online.  I advise you to buy the game because the locked game modes are numerous.  Modes such as Kick-off which consist of friendly matches is locked, cup and tournament modes, Match of the week and Manager mode (My favourite) are all locked.  So to enjoy all these modes, you must purchase the game.  As I said earlier, the game has a spectacular graphics.  Checkout the screenshot I took from a Manchester United match below;

A shot from FIFA 2014 match

Isn't it magnificent?  If you like it, it's just at your finger tips... But hey, don't rush yet.  Take a look at some features of FIFA 2014;
 As usual, FIFA 2014 has some features like;

  • Penalty shootout : Select your favourite team and challenge your opponent (Computer) in the penalty mode.
  • Kickoff (Friendly match) : Select your team from the diverse teams on FIFA 2014 and challenge computer into a friendly match.
  • Tournament : Packed with major cups and leagues across Europe, Asia and America.  You can play your favourite leagues and cups such as English Premier League, LA Liga, Bundes Liga, Ligue 1, Spanish super cup, FA cup, Ligue 2, Community shield cup, and many cups and leagues across all countries in the game.
  • Match of the week : You need to connect online and login to your origin account to get this feature working.  You can play real matches that were played by giant teams within the week.

FIFA 2014 has many new features which the FIFA 2012 version lacks.  These features makes FIFA 2014 superior to other versions.  Some extra-ordinary features that makes FIFA 2014 superb are;

  • Ultimate team : Ultimate team allows you to build your own team, and select players among popular and skillful players such as the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi etc.  You have to play matches and win bonus packs.  With this packs, you can buy more players to your squad.  Ultimate team is very interesting, but that's not all FIFA 2014 have for you.
  • Manager mode : Have you ever dreamt of coaching a team? then here is an opportunity of making your vision come true.  Manager mode enables you to choose the team you wish to coach, as well as sponsors.  Here, you can make transfers, that is, buy or sell a player when the transfer window is open (around January).  It is also packed with many competitions, that is, local leagues and cups.  At the end of first season, if you make it among the top 4 in the league table, wow, then the UEFA champions league will be waiting for you.  You can take full charge of your players by managing them.  You can also upgrade other team staff managers like the health, attacking, defensive managers, etc.  Applying such upgrades will make your team stronger.  Select the team you want to coach, as well as your preferred sponsors.  The amount available for building up your team depends on the club.  For instance, Real Madrid has the highest budget followed by FC Barcelona in Spain.  So while selecting your club, consider this factor. Some sponsors pay higher than others too. If you consider all these, am sure you won't run out of cash in building a successful team.  Once you start your coaching career, the club managers will be dependent on you.  They'll give you some expectations which you can find on the 'board expectations' tab.  After 3 or more seasons of successful coaching, you'll be invited by your country to coach them in the upcoming leagues or cups.  One fascinating thing about the manager mode is unlike some football coaching games where you'll only watch the game after setting up your formation and squad, then the computer will do the playing according to your set-up, that is, CPU VS CPU (which is boring), FIFA 2014 allows you to control your players just like other gaming mode.  So you won't give excuses for losing a match.
  FIFA 2014 allows you to customize stadium, ball color, kits and lots more.  You can also customize the difficulty level of the game.  One of its fascinating feature is multi-language commentary.  You can select commentary language among top languages such as English, French, Espanyol (Spanish), German, etc.

If this game fascinates you, why don't you grab it on the playstore?
NOTE: The game size is about 1.5gb, so I recommend having at least 2gb free memory space.